What else can be considered as e-content?

What else can be considered as e-content?  That is the question that I ask myself numerous times.  To find the answer, I start to google apps and whatsnot.  I came across many useful apps but some are not free like Prezi and Kahoot.  I subscribe to Prezi.  It is not cheap but after Latihan Ikhtisas, I aim to make small changes in my life and teaching practice.  Even though I am not techno savvy (I still use my handphone – Samsung Note3 that I bought more than 5 years ago), I try my very best to learn new things.  

I came across Acadly (It is FREE).   It has similar features like our UTM elearning (I know right!  What’s the point of having so many learning management system for one course?).  But I am not sure how I can make it public so that anyone and everybody can see it all over the world (no boundary, readily accessible to all).   I think for the time being, I will keep this on hold because apparently it takes a bit of time to get used to it.  With so many up-coming conferences and whatsnot as a committee, presenter or participant, I don’t want to overly exerting myself and affecting my health.  

For now, I am still learning to use it.  So, I don’t have the confidence yet to share it with others by showing my classroom practice using Acadly.  But, what I can share are some of interesting things about Acadly.

  1. Video Demo 
  2. Tips of using technology in classroom

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