Why do I post posters that I receive from UTM email?

Let’s face it. I am not getting any younger. There are times when I have the tendency to spring clean my email without thinking too much about whatever information I should take note of or concern about. Some of the information is presented in poster format. So, what I do is before I delete any of the email that I receive, I will “transfer” whatever information/posters that I consider as “worth” to be shared and remembered.

I know that some might feel “disturbed” to find irrelevant information from my post. My stance: Just ignore whatever information is not important to you. But I would like to thank you because you take the time to read my post. This is why I feel shocked when someone accidentally came across my post about the pouches. My first reaction is “Alamak, malunya ada orang baca“. But, when Assoc Prof Dr Nadiatulhuda emailed me asking to let her know if I would make a sewing session, I was starting to think that perhaps I should have a support group to unwind doing common thing. It does make me to question myself “Am I a loner?” Indeed. I don’t change much over the years apparently.




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