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August 27, 2023 – Happy 40th Birthday to Me!

They are exactly two years and one month old today, so we are going to celebrate their birthday.

Oops… Yes, that’s true—they turned two years old just one month ago. But today, one month later, what’s most important is that it’s their babah’s 40th birthday.

Thank you, Allah, for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me.

People say that life begins at 40. While that might be true due to stability in life and financial strength, our true journey starts the moment we enter this world. A special shout-out to all the mothers out there. Our deeds are counted from the beginning, not just after we reach 40, by the way.

Age is often said to be just a number, and I agree. However, the more numbers we accumulate, the closer we come to the inevitable end. May Allah bless our lives in this world and the hereafter.

Wishing myself a happy 40th birthday!

[FAKTA 4] Tujuh Fakta Menarik Daripada Kajian TIMSS 2019 Subjek Matematik Dalam Kalangan Murid Gred 8 (Tingkatan Dua) Malaysia

Sambungan dari

Fakta Keempat

Untuk komponen ‘Tingkah Laku Yang Menganggu Dalam Kelas Matematik’, murid diminta untuk menjawab item berikut; (1) Murid tidak mendengar apa yang guru ajar, (2) Terdapat bunyi yang mengganggu, (3) Terlalu tidak teratur untuk murid bekerja dengan baik, (4) Guru saya terpaksa menunggu lama untuk murid senyap, (5) Murid mencelah guru, dan (6) Guru perlu terus meminta kami mengikut peraturan bilik darjah. TIMSS mengkategorikan kepada tiga kelompok murid iaitu, mereka yang melaporkan ‘Sedikit atau Tiada Pelajaran’, ‘Beberapa Pelajaran’ dan “Kebanyakan Pelajaran’. Laporan TIMSS menyusun ranking negara berdasarkan dari peratusan “Sedikit atau Tiada Pelajaran’” yang paling tinggi kepada yang paling rendah. Jadual 4.0 berikut menunjukkan dapatan lima buah negara terpilih termasuk Malaysia untuk komponen ‘Tingkah Laku Yang Menganggu Dalam Kelas Matematik’’.

Dapatan TIMSS 2019 menunjukkan bahawa murid yang melaporkan ‘sedikit atau tiada pelajaran’ mencatatkan purata skor yang lebih tinggi daripada murid yang melaporkan ‘kebanyakan pelajaran’. Pola ini adalah sama di semua negara yang mengambil bahagian termasuk Malaysia. Walau bagaimanapun, pola sebaliknya berlaku untuk Korea Selatan yang mana murid yang melaporkan ‘sedikit atau tiada pelajaran’ memperolehi purata skor lebih rendah berbanding murid yang melaporkan ‘kebanyakan pelajaran’. Isu yang ingin penulis ketengahkan di sini ialah, Malaysia menduduki tangga terbawah dari aspek murid yang melaporkan ‘sedikit atau tiada pelajaran’ yang melibatkan tingkah laku yang menganggu dalam kelas matematik, manakala sebanyak 60% murid Jepun melaporkan ‘sedikit atau tiada pelajaran’ yang melibatkan tingkah laku yang menganggu dalam kelas matematik. Hal ini membolehkan Jepun berada di tangga teratas. Sehubungan itu, kajian ini menunjukkan bahawa kelas matematik untuk murid Tingkatan Dua di Malaysia dikatakan mempunyai tingkah laku yang menganggu sebagaimama yang dinyatakan dalam item yang dijawab mereka.


Keynote Speaker at the 3rd International Conference on Educational Studies in Mathematics (ICoESM) 2023

The abstract of my keynote address

During this presentation, I will deliver a keynote address centered on the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework. This framework delineates the specific types of knowledge that both pre-service and in-service educators, particularly in the field of Mathematics, require to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. The framework emphasises the necessity for teachers to comprehend the interconnectedness of technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge. It underscores the dynamic interactions and influences that exist among these realms in various and distinct educational contexts. Regarding the incorporation of technology in teaching, the framework asserts its impact not only on what is taught but also on how teaching is conducted. Furthermore, I will delve into the 21st-century pedagogy model and its constituents. Lastly, insights will be shared about the practices adopted by in-service mathematics teachers in Malaysia and South Korea, with a specific focus on three aspects: (1) Enhancing the teaching of advanced cognitive skills, (2) Promoting collaborative learning through appropriate technologies, and (3) Facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and digital tool integration through a cross-disciplinary approach.

Anugerah Penulis Dalam Jurnal Berindeks Sempena Citra Karisma 2023

Alhamdulillah, sempena Majlis Citra Karisma UTM 2023 yang berlangsung pada hari ini (16 Ogos 2023).

My Days in Sungai Petani

I am currently at Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Kedah, sipping a cup of hot coffee while waiting for my flight back to Johor Bahru via Subang. I booked the tickets just a few weeks ago after receiving confirmation from the organiser regarding the dates and location of the workshop, which is very close to the election.

Therefore, based on their workshop schedule, I booked the flights that are convenient for me. I have been attending a workshop in Sungai Petani since last Tuesday, and interestingly, Sungai Petani is nearer to Bayan Lepas Airport in Penang. I do not blame myself, as I tried to align my travel time with the tentative workshop schedule. The workshop is organised by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and focuses on projecting the placement of primary and secondary school teachers in Malaysia until 2030. I am representing UTM, and the workshop is also attended by representatives from public universities that offer undergraduate education programs in the country.

I would like to share my experiences in Sungai Petani and the great news I obtained from the workshop. Since the organiser adjusted the workshop schedule on the first day due to some participants from Sabah and Sarawak not having arrived yet, I took the opportunity to explore the town.

With the local people being in the midst of the election campaign, it seemed that all the Grab drivers were discussing politics. I joined in where appropriate, occasionally steering the conversation towards other topics. This was my first experience in Sungai Petani; previously, I had been to Gurun (my brother-in-law’s hometown), Alor Setar (I still remember the view of the city from the tower), and visited Langkawi a couple of times (the most recent trip was last December with the kids).

I just realised that Sungai Petani is the biggest city in Kedah, followed by Alor Setar, which I had always thought was the number one. Please correct me if I am mistaken, as I obtained this information from Wikipedia. I had the chance to visit Amanjaya and Central Square Mall, try local Nasi Kandar, and play tourist in the city centre. The locals often refer to Sungai Petani as “SP.” While it lacks tall buildings like Alor Setar, it has numerous factories, and the urban area is quite extensive. This explains why Grab riders and drivers can thrive here, as mentioned by one of the Grab drivers. Enough about my time in Sungai Petani; my main purpose for being here is to attend an important workshop that can benefit our students at the faculty.

During the workshop, I held deep respect for every staff of the Ministry of Education involved in this workshop, as they provided us with insightful information regarding the future placement of teachers in schools. I am pleased to share that there will be sufficient placements for them in the coming years. I felt relieved upon hearing this positive news, although I won’t disclose the specific figures about shortages and supply.

The ministry has implemented a system that I find to be excellent in providing accurate data about the number of teachers retiring by choice, mandatory retirement, teachers leaving the system, new school development, and various other variables that influence projections. I am delighted to hear that this system will be used in collaboration with faculties and schools of education in public universities in the near future. This is crucial, as it will guide universities in determining the number of students to enroll based on the available options and faculty capacity. However, the ministry also mentioned that there have been cases of newly placed teachers in schools complaining about not being assigned to their preferred state or not teaching the subjects they studied at university. All in all, I can say that this workshop has been fruitful.

To the students at the School of Education UTM, I encourage you to seize this opportunity to study diligently and intelligently. Equip yourselves with soft skills and relevant competencies that teachers should possess, and cultivate the spirit of an educator within you in preparation for becoming teachers for the young generation. I believe this role is increasingly challenging day by day.

Until we meet again, Sungai Petani.


10th August 2023

Intake for OCTOBER 2023 is NOW OPEN!!


  • Want to continue your studies, but have no time?
  • Too far to travel to and from campus?
  • Working during the day and can only study at night or on weekends?

Don’t fret! We have a solution for you!

We are offering the following programs for the October 2023 Intake. The ODL program is fully online with flexible learning hours just for you. UTM PESISIR offers a Postgraduate Weekend Program that is available off-campus at selected study centers.

  • Master of Education (Mathematics) (ODL)
  • Master of Education (Physics) (ODL)
  • Master of Education (Educational Technology) (ODL)
  • Master of Education (Educational Technology) (PESISIR)
  • Master of Education (Chemistry) (Program Khas)

For further details, kindly refer to each poster.

Come and join us!

My Well-Behaved Kids in a Mall Library

We stopped at Aeon Mall Kulai on our way back from Desaru to our home in Taman Sri Pulai for lunch and to buy some groceries. As we entered the mall, we came across a mini library located at one of the entrances. After having lunch and performing our prayers, I suggested that my wife go to the Aeon market while I took a chance and brought our daughters to the library. Given their young age, I was a bit nervous about how they would behave, as they couldn’t sit still for even a minute. However, to my surprise, they were well-behaved in the library.

It seemed like the library was designed for those waiting while their spouses shopped in the mall. It was well-maintained and comfortable, with workers taking care of it. I found some storybooks and read to my kids slowly but with excitement. They didn’t run around as I had expected. Instead, they sat properly, listened to the stories, and flipped through the books. This was the first time I had come across a library in a mall, or at least one that provided proper chairs and tables. I apologise if I’m mistaken, as there are bookstores in many malls, but they usually lack suitable reading areas.

As a father, I strongly believe that my kids are eager and enthusiastic learners, provided they are in a proper environment. Although we have many books at home, they prefer running, climbing, watching television, and exploring various things rather than sitting down to learn. I do understand that at this age, they are more inclined to play and explore. Sometimes, my wife and I try to teach them, but their attention span is limited to about 5 minutes at most. However, this afternoon at the library was different; we spent around 1 hour together. I even asked my wife to take some time for herself before joining us at the library. Haha

Next month, I will start the process of registering my kids for a kindergarten located on the campus for 2024 intake. They will be two and a half years old by that time. I have chosen the Brainy Bunch kindergarten, which aims to help young children develop essential skills for independence, including coordination of movements, a sense of order, language acquisition, concentration abilities, and social development.

I’m personally looking forward to that moment—the moment of sending my kids to kindergarten and picking them up, just like my peers have been doing for many years.

The International Conference on Educational Studies in Mathematics (ICoESM) 2023

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