Vote My Student Assignment – SPPM2332 Authoring Language

Dear all, I’m integrating a gamification strategy with my SPPM2332 – Authoring Language class. Please check out my students project. They were asked to create a montage using Adobe Flash. This is the first project for this course.  The student whose project is voted the most will be declared the winner.

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Your vote is very important !!

Mirror Your Android Screen to Any Computer

Teaching how to install Apps, or how to update blog post in your android mobile is difficult if you can’t mirror your android screen to computer. There are many ways to do it either using USB or Wifi.

Today, me and Dr Noordayana Halim has been invited to give a training on Web 2.0 for T&L : Social Media & Blog. The synopsis of the training is as follows :

Web 2.0 technologies bring the web to a new phase, which allows users not only to use information but also to be directly involved in generating new information. Social Media as one of the Web 2.0 tools allow social interaction and easy creation of content by users. It can be an effective tool for teaching and learning in higher education. It can help connect students to information and help them generate a dialogue with their teacher and other students about a course. Blog is another Web 2.0 facilities which is easy to create and offers variety of interactive facilities. It could give positive impact towards studentโ€™s development. This course revealed to academic staff on how to utilize social media and learning and Blog for teaching and learning effectively. In this course, UTM blog will be used as a medium for lecturers to use for reflection, T&L and webometric tools.

One of the tentative is blogging using mobile which I had to explain step by step on how to install and create a blog post using mobile phone. So… based on recommendation… I used the TeamViewer application to cast my Android screen to the computer. It works great!!

How it works: Simply download TeamViewer Host on my Android, create a TeamViewer account. This will assign the Android device to my list of TeamViewer device. Next, on my computer which was connected to the LCD Projector, open and sign in to same TeamViewer account. Then… automatically my Android device was listed, and I click on the connect option next to it. 

Then… the training went smoothly until my phone battery run out >__<

Will used this Apps again in my class. Love it !!


Cara menulis blog post menggunakan aplikasi mudahalih

Langkah pertama untuk menulis blog formal UTM menggunakan aplikasi mudahalih adalah… kena ada WordPress for Mobile Apps.
Install dalam handphone dan setkan id dan password yang diberikan oleh admin fakulti.

Kemudian, dah boleh mula menulis post terkini.


Gambar boleh terus diambil daripada handphone masing-masing.
Kemudian, masukkan kategori dan tag. Dah boleh published.

Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut, mari masuk kursus Web 2.0 for T&L : Social media and Blog

Kursus Teaching and Learning using BLOG

Hari ini, CTL UTMLead mengadakan Kursus “Teaching and Learning using Social Media dan Blog”.


Kursus melibatkan 2 orang Fasilitator iaitu Dr Noor Dayana Halim dan saya sendiri Dr Norah Md Noor. Peserta yang terlibat adalah daripada pelbagai fakulti seperti Fakulti Sains, Fakulti Pengurusan, Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik, Fakulti Kejuruteraan Kimia dan Tenaga, Fakulti Pendidikan, UTM Razak dan lain-lain.

Nota bagi kursus ini boleh dicapai pada link berikut:

  1. Blog for Teaching and Learning
  2. Introduction to Social Media in Education

Sinopsis Kursus . aturcara-kursus-web-2-0-social-media-blog-oktober

Sinopsis KSave