2021 Day 170 Task – Edited and Submitted Extended Abstract to RCEE2021

I spent quite some time to integrate, edit and package the content provided by co-authors for our Extended Abstract that was just now submitted to RCEE2021. Alhamdulillah I managed to compressed the extended abstract into 2 pages, which was very tough to do. Earlier today, I conducted the last class for our Master’s Safety and Health in Chemical Industries (MKKK1653). It was a very small class for this year, only 3 students, but they were all very committed and I loved them.

Other Highlighted Tasks for the Day:

  • Followed up on certain committees for RCEE2021.
  • Last class for Safety and Health in Chemical Industries Master program.
  • Compiled and sent progress proposal correction of my EER PhD student.
  • Planned for CEE ARO interview.
  • Filled up Student Progress report for one of my PG student in GSMS.
  • Checked turnitin score of papers prepared by my student on Turnitin.