2021 Day 184 Task – Interview CEE ARO and Final Exam MKKK1653

Today is the day for Plant Design Project presentation which takes place from 9am to 1pm. However, I cannot attend the Plant Design Project presentation because at the same time I have the Final Exam for Master Chemical Safety MKKK1653 that takes place from 8.30pm to 1pm. Even though the final exam is made online and mostly managed by AP Dr. Norzita, I still have to be there and make myself available, just in case, because my questions are also asked in the final exam.

Subsequently after that, at 2.30pm we’ll have an interview session for CEE Assistant Research Officer position. The interview will also take place virtually. InsyaAllah we hope that we can find a suitable candidate after not successfully getting one from the previous 3 interview sessions.

2021 Day 170 Task – Edited and Submitted Extended Abstract to RCEE2021

I spent quite some time to integrate, edit and package the content provided by co-authors for our Extended Abstract that was just now submitted to RCEE2021. Alhamdulillah I managed to compressed the extended abstract into 2 pages, which was very tough to do. Earlier today, I conducted the last class for our Master’s Safety and Health in Chemical Industries (MKKK1653). It was a very small class for this year, only 3 students, but they were all very committed and I loved them.

Other Highlighted Tasks for the Day:

  • Followed up on certain committees for RCEE2021.
  • Last class for Safety and Health in Chemical Industries Master program.
  • Compiled and sent progress proposal correction of my EER PhD student.
  • Planned for CEE ARO interview.
  • Filled up Student Progress report for one of my PG student in GSMS.
  • Checked turnitin score of papers prepared by my student on Turnitin.