2021 Day 170 Task – Edited and Submitted Extended Abstract to RCEE2021

I spent quite some time to integrate, edit and package the content provided by co-authors for our Extended Abstract that was just now submitted to RCEE2021. Alhamdulillah I managed to compressed the extended abstract into 2 pages, which was very tough to do. Earlier today, I conducted the last class for our Master’s Safety and Health in Chemical Industries (MKKK1653). It was a very small class for this year, only 3 students, but they were all very committed and I loved them.

Other Highlighted Tasks for the Day:

  • Followed up on certain committees for RCEE2021.
  • Last class for Safety and Health in Chemical Industries Master program.
  • Compiled and sent progress proposal correction of my EER PhD student.
  • Planned for CEE ARO interview.
  • Filled up Student Progress report for one of my PG student in GSMS.
  • Checked turnitin score of papers prepared by my student on Turnitin.

Day 201 Task – Finalizing Master MKKH Marks

Today, after getting the marks from Dr. Norzita, I checked, combined the marks and finalized it. The final marks result was not as usual but it was just fine for the 9 students under us. Though the final marks are ready, I have not yet key it into the system. I will probably do it in this coming few days as I want to focus on triple checking the Plant Design Project (PDP) marks which have so many data. Imagine having 14 Course Learning Outcomes for PDP and each weak there’s like 1 CLO to cover. Wish me luck.

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Day 196 Task – Grading MKKK Safety in Chemical Plant MKKK1653

After completing my grading and marking for Plant Design Project (PDP) Course and also Graduate Student Attribute (GSA) Course, it’s time to focus on marking my master course MKKK1653 Master in Chemical Plant Safety. At this point of time of writing this post, I have not completed, but I can say I have made significant progress in the markings. I am left with less than half of the marking. If I can complete all of this by tomorrow, I will be very happy guy.

At the same time, I also watched few webminars which were scheduled today. The one that I really follow was this one:


Date : 14 July 2020 (Tuesday)
Time : 10.30 am
Speaker: Mr. Chew Teong Han, Research Officer, Strategic Section DVCRI Office
Webex Link: http://qr.w69b.com/g/reXx2wwUM

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Day 166 Task – Test MKKK1653 Safety and Health in Chemical Plant

Today in the morning, I conducted Test 1 for my Master Safety Class MKKK1653. There are no other option than to handle to test on an online mode. I uploaded the question 10 minutes before the test commences which was at 8.30am and gave the students 2 hours to complete the test. At 10.30am, the students submitted their answer script one by one via eLearning submission link.

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Day 9 Task: Panel Examiner for Master Safety (MKKH) Program

Today, The first half of the day is totally spent on the assessment of Master Safety (MKKH) students. There were altogether 6 students.

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MKKH 1413 – Industrial Hygiene – Week 4 -12 Notes


Following are Week 1 to 2 notes for MKKH Master Safety – Industrial Hygiene.

Week 4 => (a) Power Tools   (b) Maintenance of Machinery, Guards and Equipment

Week 5 = > (a) General Area & Fencing   (b) Transportation Safety

Week 6= > Manual Handling

Week 7 = > Mechanical Handling

Week 8 = > Pressure Vessel

Week 9 = > Construction Safety

Week 10 = > Fire Safety

Week 11 = > Electrical Safety

Week 12 => Office Safety

Week 13 => Confined Space Safety

Week 14 => Welding Safety


For Week 1 to 3, click here to be redirected to the post.


Disclaimer – This notes are for learning purpose only and are not permitted to be distributed or republish anywhere.

Good luck 🙂