Plastic Wastes from the West is Poisoning Our Neighbour Indonesia!

Indonesia has become a dumping ground for plastic from Australia, Europe and North America. The waste is burned as fuel by local communities, causing respiratory illness and other long-term health problems for people who inhale the polluted smoke. Research shows pollutants have contaminated Indonesia’s food chain. This situation must be stop urgently. As a neighbour to Indonesia, we must be extra alert before our country gets similar punishment. This is because Malaysia is also presently a trash dumping ground from other modern countries.

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Simple Act to Help, Do your Part…

Zuhair, a final year chemical engineering student from my faculty shared a simple yet informative information about 8 hazardous chemicals detected a Sim Sim river, Pasir Gudang, Johor.

He prepared the notes in Bahasa Malaysia to help dwellers in affected areas (and others) know, learn and aware about the tremendous danger from the chemicals.

What Zuhair has done yesterday was spot on when there was no proper explanation or elaboration on the 8 hazardous chemicals explained publicly in a simple version, which could be clearly understood by normal people.

His notes was shared and viraled, and detected by a local newspaper. The newspaper published his notes. It can be seen in the link below:…/bekas-pelajar-smk-sungai-tiram…

Well done Zuhair Ozil 🙂

For the rest of us, lets contribute whatever we can… such as…

– Solat hajat & prayers
– Donations (money, time, energy, food etc)
– Knowledge & expertise
– Volunteer work of any kind
– Advice, suggestions etc formally to authority
– or anything to help…

In short, lets hope and pray all the best for Pasir Gudang speedy recovery.

In a different note, we condemned the massive terrorist attact in New Zealand earlier today. May Allah protect us all. Amin.


Similajau, A Marine Life Sanctuary.

Very interesting, very touching… in short, it’s amazing.

For years, trawlers and their fishing nets wrecked ruin in the pristine waters off Sarawak. Over-fishing and tourist activities have contributed to a 90% decline in the local turtle population. Today, thanks to the unconventional efforts of one man, Similajau Marine Park is on its way to recovery, with cement reef balls acting as silent sentinels, forming a barrier of silent protection around this marine life sanctuary.

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