Control of Industrial Major Hazard (CIMAH) Modular Package Workshop

First task of the day is the workshop of Control of Industrial Major Hazard (CIMAH) Modular Package, which was held for one day in IFOG Meeting Room, N29A. Participants of the workshop include Hj Arshad, En. Adha, Dr. Kamarizan and myself. It is our main goal to develop a quality CIMAH Module for the nation. InsyaAllah.

Simple Act to Help, Do your Part…

Zuhair, a final year chemical engineering student from my faculty shared a simple yet informative information about 8 hazardous chemicals detected a Sim Sim river, Pasir Gudang, Johor.

He prepared the notes in Bahasa Malaysia to help dwellers in affected areas (and others) know, learn and aware about the tremendous danger from the chemicals.

What Zuhair has done yesterday was spot on when there was no proper explanation or elaboration on the 8 hazardous chemicals explained publicly in a simple version, which could be clearly understood by normal people.

His notes was shared and viraled, and detected by a local newspaper. The newspaper published his notes. It can be seen in the link below:…/bekas-pelajar-smk-sungai-tiram…

Well done Zuhair Ozil 🙂

For the rest of us, lets contribute whatever we can… such as…

– Solat hajat & prayers
– Donations (money, time, energy, food etc)
– Knowledge & expertise
– Volunteer work of any kind
– Advice, suggestions etc formally to authority
– or anything to help…

In short, lets hope and pray all the best for Pasir Gudang speedy recovery.

In a different note, we condemned the massive terrorist attact in New Zealand earlier today. May Allah protect us all. Amin.


Process Safety Consideration in Palm Oil Industry Training

Join me in this training. I strongly believe this is the first of such training in Johor.

FCEE’s Sustainability Paper Recycling Programme

FCEE’s Sustainability Task Force with cooperation from the UTM Green DNA (gDNA) Club will organize a paper recycling programme from Sunday, 10 December to Thursday, 14 December 2017. The area involved are around the lecturers’ rooms/offices at Level 2, 3 and 4 in building N01 and at Level 2 in building N01a. The programme will be conducted as follows:

1) Dedicated boxes will be placed at the corridor in front of the lecturers’ room/office on Sunday, 10 December 2017.

2) From Sunday (10 December 2017) to Thursday (14 December 2017), all lecturers are invited to recycle whatever paper that you have in your room/office that you would like to throw away, by putting them into the dedicated boxes. Please see the photo below for the example box.

3) On Friday, 15 December 2017, the representatives from the gDNA Club will collect all the papers from the boxes and sell it.

If there are any request to recycle papers from other areas, please do let us know. We are looking forward to get cooperation and support from all of you. For any problem or inquiries, please contact Dr. Azizul Azri Mustaffa (FCEE Sustainability Task Force) at 016-2195295 or e-mail: or Ms. Nor Irsalina Ahmad Khaliludin (UTM Green DNA) at 011-17645403 or e-mail: Thank you very much.


Code of Ethics For Engineer Talk to our 1st Year Chemical Engineering Students

Code of Ethics For Engineer Talk to our First Year Chemical Engineering Students was delivered on a Wednesday afternoon (22nd November 2017). There was about 150 students in the DK5 hall in N11a.

Partnership with Eftech Drilling Mud Sdn. Bhd

Isnin lepas terjalin mesyuarat,
Terpateri hasil ukhuwah muafakat,
Kerjasama dengan Eftech Sdn Bhd.,
Syarikat pakar ehwal “drilling mud”.
Moga usaha ini membawa berkat,
Peroleh kebaikan dunia akhirat.


Safety Audit Preparation Meeting



Date / day : 21st January 2016 / Thursday

Venue : Meeting Room N05

Time : 10am