Day 239 Task – IChemE Get Chartered Workshop

I was recently appointed as a facilitator to help several colleagues in our School of Chemical & Energy Engineering to be a Chartered Engineer under IChemE. For that, I came to this workshop as facilitator to guide and help our friends.

Thank you for joining 2nd part of the Get Chartered Workshop. We apologize for the delay in sending out invitation as our program approval is still pending. Nevertheless, we will proceed with the workshop and certificate/invitation will be provided after the workshop.

I would like to remind the participants to complete your Form C and Technical Report before the workshop on 26th of August 2020, and send it to your respectively facilitators (please refer to the list below).

Location of the workshop will be announced tomorrow.

Facilitator: Prof Sharifah
1. Ho Wai Shin
2. Nadia Adrus
3. Zarina (26th only)

Facilitator: Dr Lim Jeng Shiun
1. Agus
2. Nazri

Facilitator: AP Dr. Mazura
1. Alafiza
2. Arif
3. Norafneeza (26th only)

Facilitator: Dr. Zaki Yamani
1. Azizul
2. Lai Jau Choy

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Board of Engineers Malaysia extended my Professional Engineer status for 2015

Today, I just received the new certificate of professional engineer membership renewal from Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM). I solute BEM big time because it processed my membership swiftly and smoothly. Everything was done online, CPD record, payment and registration. Well done BEM!!!