Day 198 Task – A Session with my IEM Mentee

Eversince I became a Professional Engineer around 2011, I had a lot of request for a formal IEM mentorship to be a Professional Engineer, a similar one which i had 13 years ago. My IEM Mentor was Ir. Hj. Tunai Shamsidi who worked at Minconsult Sdn Bhd, Petaling Jaya. That time there only 2 Professional Engineer specilizing in Chemical Engineering in Johor Bahru. Unfortunately both of them could not take me as a mentee and as a result I have to search one which is out of JB.

Today I had my first session as an official mentor to a female chemical engineer graduated from UTM around 2013. She seems a very driven and motivated person. I never known or seen her yet until our first Whatsapp video meeting. I briefed her what to do, what to expect, a few strategies and so on. Looking at her passsed experiences, I have no doubt that she can be a professional engineer by the end of 2022, insyaAllah.

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Board of Engineers Malaysia extended my Professional Engineer status for 2015

Today, I just received the new certificate of professional engineer membership renewal from Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM). I solute BEM big time because it processed my membership swiftly and smoothly. Everything was done online, CPD record, payment and registration. Well done BEM!!!