2021 Day 176 Task – CEE Coffee Table Book Project

This is a wonderful Saturday and I took the opportunity to complete my CEE Coffee Table book write up for my part which is my Bio-Profile and also my Opening Words as CEE Director. It’s hope that soon the CEE Coffee Table Book will be finalized and published and hence can be a strong marketing tool for CEE UTM. InsyaAllah.

Bio-Profile of Ir. Dr. Ts. Zaki Yamani Zakaria

Zaki Yamani Zakaria has been with the School of Chemical & Energy Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) since 2008. He acquired his first degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Bradford, UK in 1999; Chemical Engineering Master Degree & PhD from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2004 and 2013, respectively. His main research interests are in engineering education, catalytic reaction engineering, and safety, health & environment (SHE). Before joining the faculty, he has been practicing as a Project/Chemical Engineer (2003-2005) and Process Engineer (2005-2008). Dr. Zaki became a Professional Engineer (BEM) and Chartered Engineer (IChemE) in 2010. He was appointed as a Professional Technologist in 2018 by Malaysia Board of Technologist (MBOT). He was appointed as Research Fellow under Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) in 2019 and in February 2021, he was appointed as the Director of CEE. He has actively been involved in engineering education since 2014 in the area of Active Learning (AL), Cooperative Learning (CL) and Problem-Based Learning (PBL). Dr. Zaki has been involved in numerous AL, CL, PBL courses and workshop as co-trainer and facilitator since 2017. He is also an Editor for ASEAN Journal for Engineering Education (AJEE) and a member of Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM) since 2020, besides once in a while delivers talk related to Engineering Education Experiential sharing.

Dr. Zaki presently supervises more than 10 postgraduate students and mentors several lecturers and engineers for professional development program. He has published his research works in various reputable journals, international conferences, book chapters (including Wiley Publisher) and others. In 2018 he published his own book, “Ramblings of a Chemical Engineer”, which has been well received by fellow chemical engineers from Malaysia and around the globe. Dr. Zaki actively shares chemical engineering related information in his Chemical Engineering Facebook Page (facebook.com/ChemicalEngineeringWorld/) which up till now has 44k followers. His first blog, Chemical Engineering World (chem-eng.blogspot.com/), was selected as the Top 10 Chemical Engineering Blogs in the internet in 2019. He was with CEE team that won Gold Medal in 2019 International Conference and Exposition on Invention by Institution of Higher Learning (Pecipta 2019) in UTHM, Gold Medal in New Academia Learning Innovation (NALI 2019) and Best NALI 2019 Award in UTM for various innovations in student-centred-learning approach. In the context of engineering education research (EER), Dr. Zaki has deep interest in exploring the development of engineering identity among engineering students.