Day 165 Task – Miscellaneous AJEE, PDP, GSA, iCOST2020 Paper & Keyed in Marks Tasks

Today is a beautiful Saturday. Fortunately I am still OK to do some work. As the above titled mentioned, I did quite some express work. There was quite a number of follow up and formatting work for AJEE that need to be settled. On top of that, for Plant Design Project (PDP), i need to keep track of SV who have submitted the entrepreneurship marks and key-in the marks for students. I then need to send a follow up telegram message to all SV to remind them to submit the  entrepreneurship marks (for those who haven’t done so, off course).

I also received reminder from ICost2020 secretariat to submit full paper. I have earlier submitted an abstract via easychair and the abstract was accepted. The paper has already been prepared by my PSM student but I need to changed it to the required format and later to do the Turnitin plagiarism check. To my surprise, the plagiarism score is quite high and need to be lowered down. Well that’s a task for tomorrow and Monday.

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Day 153 Task – Grading Graduate Success Attribute (GSA) Assignment

This is the final assignment that I gave to my GSA students and this is the most exciting assignment and I find it very interesting to see all the students personal entrepreneurship idea. I must say that I learned from them a lot too. The implementation and adoption of flipgrid is super interesting. I will definitely consider using this again in my future class. Bravo!!!

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Day 127 Task – New Flipgrid Assignment for my GSA Students

After handling the glass last Sunday, I now prepared and set up the final assignment for my GSA students. This time they have to prepare a 90 seconds individual video that need to be uploaded to Flipgrid. The students are required to prepare this presentation about “My strategies to be Successful Entrepreneur”. I am very eager to watch this video. I trust that my students will be doing just fine and will create super interesting videos.

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