2022 Day 64 Task – MCED FGD Meeting & Malaysia Zeolite Association Meeting

Yes, another working weekend. It has appeared to be a default setting for me. Today was really tricky. At the beginning of the day, 2 of my daughters felt sick. One tested positive another have to wait for Covid test kit as we ran out of stock in the morning. Imagine, there are so many test kids already in used in the house because there are many people in the house who have been checking their status on a daily basis (or sometimes twice a day).

I have a scheduled Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for Engineering Deans in Malaysia under Malaysia Council of Engineering Deans (MCED) research program that takes place from 9am to 1pm. My role was as a note taker in the second group. Well, I have to take note as accurate as possible although we also have the session zoom recorded, but having it written will be easier to refer after that.

At the same time, at 9am, I have to attend the first Malaysia Zeolite Association (MyZA) Annual Grand Meeting. It’s so tricky to be in 2 virtual meetings, but luckily MyZA meeting ended slightly after 10am. Alhamdulillah, So then after that I can focus on the MCED FGD meeting.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Blog update
  • EREKA jurying in progress
  • Global Engineering Capability Review (GECR) 2019 – (RAE) – Read the documents for the meeting this coming 7th March.
  • AJEE Editorial Role
  • SWOT CEE planning

2021 Day 204 Task – AJEE and Review Manuscript Tasks

Today, Saturday, I managed AJEE manuscript that has been submitted. I hope in the near future we can come out with the new edition. In Syaa Allah.

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery under Springer Publisher is one new journal that I have not reviewed any manuscript from it before.

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery presents articles and information on research, development and applications in thermo-chemical conversion; physico-chemical conversion and bio-chemical conversion, including all necessary steps for the provision and preparation of the biomass as well as all possible downstream processing steps for the environmentally sound and economically viable provision of energy and chemical products.

  • Focuses on the technical, chemical, and system aspects of the processes of biomass conversion and biorefinery.
  • Operates in the topical areas of Bioengineering, Renewable Energy, and Environmental Protection.
  • According to a 2019 survey, 97% of previous authors would be very likely to submit a manuscript to this journal again.

2021 Day 186 Task – Checked Potential ECE Paper Publication

I have listed quite a bunch tasks to be completed today. Once of it includes the checking of Nazrul’s paper that is about Engineering Education Scholarly Experiential sharing. The paper was intended for other journal but after listening to Nazrul’s intention and also going through swiftly the paper content, I suggested the paper to be enhanced and submitted to Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) journal.

ECE is definitely an amazing platform for sharing Engineering Education Scholarly practice sharing and also Engineering Education Research (EER). The recent update last 2 weeks had happily declared that this journal has an impact factor of 2.333. Before this there’s no impact factor recorded and a sudden jump from nothing to 2.333 is such an spectacular success for this highly reputable journal.

2021 Day 85 Tasks – SEEM Website Matter

Today is a wonderful off-day Saturday, which I spent few hours in the morning to deal and settle some of the long pending tasks. One of it that I would like to highlight here is the Society for Engineering Educators Malaysia (SEEM) Website, which I was just elected as one of the committee few months ago and I am in charged of the website. Luckily we have a freelance who can help me sort out the website, but there are still some technical issues that need to be dealt with. Hopefully it will be cleared soon.

Other highlighted tasks:

  • AJEE Management
  • Hi Consortium keyword stuffs
  • Submitted my review for IJET Special issue.
  • Discussed and commented on my EER PhD Student progress.
  • Checked ReCASE2021 manuscripts that my student prepared.
  • Filled up and submitted Wesam’s VIVA form.

2021 Day 76 Tasks – Exploring New AJEE OJS System

This is the new AJEE system under OJS platform set up for AJEE CEE UTM by Penerbit UTM. Now we have a proper and professional journal management system. Alhamdulillah.

2021 Day 75 Tasks – Refinery and Petrochemical Technology First Class This Semester

It’s the first week of the new semester and I held my first Refinery and Petrochemical Technology today starting from today for every Wednesday. The class was great and I was glad to have great internet line. There were all together 32 students in my class.

Other Highlighted Tasks:

  • AJEE system successfully set up under Penerbit UTM. Alhamdulillah. Need to explore the system tomorrow.
  • Check Raihan’s final draft
  • Class preparation.
  • Learned how to use Break up room in Webex and also also made Personal Student form using Google Doc

Day 292 Task – Miscellaneous Journal Reviewing’s and Teaching Preparation

The Q3 Journal – BCREC

The Q1 Journal – Energy Report

It’s Saturday today. There are tones of tasks that I need to do. I started the morning handling 2 journals that I need to review,  one from a Q1 journal and another one from a Q3 journal. Both are  related to my expertise in Catalysis and Reaction Engineering.

Subsequently after that, I managed / handled ASEAN Journal of Engineering Education (AJEE) journal which I am the Editor. Two journals need to be dealt with today after I received the comments from all reviewers. I am trying my best to realize the Second Issue for AJEE 2020 Volume. Alhamdulillah the First Issue for AJEE 2020 Volume was released in last July.

After this, there are several tasks such as weekly teaching plan, online teaching strategies, journal paper submission and others that need to be fulfilled.

Wow.. it’s just like there is no holiday.

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Day 249 Task – Reviewed Another BCREC Journal Manuscript

Today, I squeezed my weekend wonderful time to complete another review assigned to me the day before from Prof Dr. Istadi from BCREC journal. Luckily the paper was interesting and really falls within my expertise. The real bonus was that the paper was not that long, it was short and sweet and I managed to provide a review of my comments and decision swiftly.

I realized that the future will see me reviewing more and more manuscripts. At the same time, I am already an editor for AJEE journal. Hence, I need to develop the skill to read and capture the content of a journal fast. InsyaAllah I will do my best for that.

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Day 165 Task – Miscellaneous AJEE, PDP, GSA, iCOST2020 Paper & Keyed in Marks Tasks

Today is a beautiful Saturday. Fortunately I am still OK to do some work. As the above titled mentioned, I did quite some express work. There was quite a number of follow up and formatting work for AJEE that need to be settled. On top of that, for Plant Design Project (PDP), i need to keep track of SV who have submitted the entrepreneurship marks and key-in the marks for students. I then need to send a follow up telegram message to all SV to remind them to submit the  entrepreneurship marks (for those who haven’t done so, off course).

I also received reminder from ICost2020 secretariat to submit full paper. I have earlier submitted an abstract via easychair and the abstract was accepted. The paper has already been prepared by my PSM student but I need to changed it to the required format and later to do the Turnitin plagiarism check. To my surprise, the plagiarism score is quite high and need to be lowered down. Well that’s a task for tomorrow and Monday.

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Day 138 Task – Managing CEE’s AJEE Journal

ajee utmI admit that it is not easy task to be a journal editor. I have to keep on managing, keeping track of the manuscript coming, reviewed, revised, camera ready and many more. But I appreciate this new experience and I am going to be there to grasp the challenge to make AJEE a Scopus Indexed journal. It is no easy task but so far, I can assure that we are on track to make that happen soon. InsyaAllah.

Today, I revisited the manuscripts and followed up several reviewers and authors. Hopefully everything will be a smooth journey.

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