Day 203 Task – Miscellaneous Tasks

Today, I am not going to specify a special official task. I will be sharing a few that I will do today and that include:

  1. Improving and making correction for ICLCA manuscript after receiving comments from reviewers few days ago.
  2. To do review for Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) journal.
  3. To work on my Master student research paper.
  4. To follow up on my PhD students job progress – Four of them at the moment which I am the main SV.
  5.  To work on HTGYE book.
  6. To check and review my task as External / Industrial Panel for UMS Chemical Engineering Plant Design Project this coming Thursday.

OK, let’s just see at the end of the day if I managed to complete all of it. If I can complete more than half of the list, that’s still good enough, good progress for me.

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Benefits of a Mock Interview Service

I have joined the School’s How to Get Yourself Employed (HTGYE) Team last year. For this program I have several roles such as (1) the interviewer for the final year student of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, in the Mock Interview session, and (2) one of the trainers of the HTGYE module.

It is interesting to be the interviewer for the students. I have previously interviewed new engineers when I was as a process engineer during my practicing engineer life. I have also been the guy who underwent the interviewing process. It is indeed a nerve-wrecking experience being the person to be interviewed, no matter what kind of interview it was. Hence, the idea of having a Mock Interview is actually a fantastic brilliant idea and anyone who is going to be interviewed should get themselves prepared via a simulated interview session (what else than the Mock Interview).

Benefits of a Mock Interview:

  1. Learning how to prepare for an interview (arriving on time, dressing professionally, bringing a copy of your resume)
  2. Practicing how to answer the “Tell me about yourself?” question.
  3. Getting exposure to industry specific questions.
  4. Becoming more comfortable to answer your question using the S.T.A.R. method.
  5. Receiving feedback and critics that will better prepare you for your actual interview.
  6. Gaining an overall sense of confidence with the interview process.


Interested to have a Mock Session Interview?

If you are interested to have a professional Mock Session Interview, we can discuss about it and perhaps I can help you out. Feel free to email me at:, with the title “Discussing a Mock Interview Session”. This can help you out in preparing for your actual real interview.

HTGYE Mock Interview

Today, I have an interview session with final year students of Chemical Engineering. This is actually a Mock Interview to prepare the final students for interview when they start applying for work in a few months time. 15 students were interviewed in 4 sessions. I was the interviewer along side Dr. Dayang. It was an interesting session and we provided precious comments and inputs for the students.