#2 Sharing 1 New Knowledge Per Day – Journal Paper that reviews book?

CONTENT #2 Sharing 1 New Knowledge Per Day: Saya kongsikan tentang kewujudan “Scholarly journal berbentuk review untuk buku” yang saya baru tahu kewujudannya. Paper untuk buat review buku yang saya kongsikan dalam video: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/arti…

Mini Update: 4 Conferences Review Completed this Weekend!

Finally, I managed to complete another 2 reviews for a conference today. That means I completed 4 conference reviews this weekend (2 yesterday and 2 today). Pheeewwwwhhh!

Now, I am left with 3 journal reviews. I hope and wish that I can complete them by this week.

Agenda for tomorrow

Workshop in the morning

Management Meeting in the afternoon

Plus miscellaneous macro and micro tasks to deal with 🙂