2021 Day 140 Task – Reviewed Manuscript from Perintis Journal

It’s a fabulous Friday today. I was up and jumping straight to settling quite a number of official and non-official tasks today. One email that suddenly appeared in my inbox asked me to review Perintis ejournal. I had a look at it and decided to straight away handled the review process. Alhamdulillah within 45 minutes the review was completed and safely delivered to the Editor. When I replied that email, I was technically replying the Editors email within 1 hour… Wow.. this is the fastest review process and responds I think I have ever made.

Other tasks highlights of the day:

  • Checked my PSM student’s progress.
  • Followed up on my 2 PhD student’s progress.
  • Applied Activity to attend ICLCA conference from RADIS.
  • Evaluated and verified my PA students EXCEL activities.
  • Set-up Goggle Adwords for Revision Eye and Brain Supplement.
  • Drafted IJET Special Issue Editorial Write up.

Day 292 Task – Miscellaneous Journal Reviewing’s and Teaching Preparation

The Q3 Journal – BCREC

The Q1 Journal – Energy Report

It’s Saturday today. There are tones of tasks that I need to do. I started the morning handling 2 journals that I need to review,  one from a Q1 journal and another one from a Q3 journal. Both are  related to my expertise in Catalysis and Reaction Engineering.

Subsequently after that, I managed / handled ASEAN Journal of Engineering Education (AJEE) journal which I am the Editor. Two journals need to be dealt with today after I received the comments from all reviewers. I am trying my best to realize the Second Issue for AJEE 2020 Volume. Alhamdulillah the First Issue for AJEE 2020 Volume was released in last July.

After this, there are several tasks such as weekly teaching plan, online teaching strategies, journal paper submission and others that need to be fulfilled.

Wow.. it’s just like there is no holiday.

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Day 285 Task – Emailed a Journal Editor Proposing to Submit a Review Paper

I spent roughly nearly 2 hours today to write and prepare required information to submit a review paper to a journal. Before this I have submitted a review paper to a journal when I was doing my PhD. It was not easy as was only accepted on my 4th attempt.

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#2 Sharing 1 New Knowledge Per Day – Journal Paper that reviews book?

CONTENT #2 Sharing 1 New Knowledge Per Day: Saya kongsikan tentang kewujudan “Scholarly journal berbentuk review untuk buku” yang saya baru tahu kewujudannya. Paper untuk buat review buku yang saya kongsikan dalam video: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/arti…