Day 330 Task – Mock Viva for My First PhD Student

Today we had a Mock Viva session for my first PhD student, Nur Nazlina Saimon which was conducted at our house. The venue was decided because students are not allowed to enter UTM yet unless he or she has official written permission from UTM student affairs, which will take quite some time to be obtained. Hence, we decided just to launched the Mock Viva at home, directly using Webex for her to present. The lecturers and students are used to online class and presentation but for Nazlina, she is not used to this because she’s a Phd student who do not require any online meeting or class, and I have only been contacting her for the passed months using whatsapp and email, if not a face to face meeting.

The session was very fruitful and a very long one. Nazlina is a very good and dedicated student. Imagine starting the session at 11am and it ended at 3.30pm. Many fundamental and basic questions were thrown by PM Dr. Mazura Jusoh, whom is co-supervisor #1. All her questions were really challenging yet important. I hope Nazlina will improved the slides and be better equipped for the second mock presentation next week, before heading to the Viva on the 2nd of December 2020. InsyaAllah. Amin.

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