My First Ph.D VIVA as Internal Examiner

A few months ago, I was invited to be an internal examiner for a Ph.D student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Aishah Jalil. I received the thesis during Ramadhan month and I took quite some time to digest the thesis, which I targeted to complete during Shawal month. Unfortunately, I could not complete it due to the hustle and bustle of celebrating the festive Eid.  

The past 4 days I rallied aggressively to comprehend the thesis and prepared the report to be submitted to the Post Graduate office. Today, Alhamdulillah, the VIVA proceeded smoothly and successfully. The student, Abdelrahman Hamad Khalifa Owgi, managed to defend his thesis finely. 

Overall I am pleased and happy with my first session. I think I did quite well. Alhamdulillah. My report was quite detailed too. But I learned something from Prof Dato because he prepared an additional report. 

More pictures of the VIVA session can be viewed HERE.

2021 Day 161 Task – Checking My EER PhD Student’s Proposal

I spent my Friday morning and afternoon checking and providing comments on my PhD EER Student who is very far far away at UAE or Sudan or United States (yes, he lives in all those places and travel a lot in between those locations). Prior to reading the report and progress, I also read several more completed PhD EER projects by previous CEE students. It’s quite different from the normal chemical engineering research… I can say it is more directed to the social sciences approach. But, I finally written down my comments and passed it to the Co-SVs.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Discussed about BCREC paper Chapter 4 – Nazlina, already pending due to submit correction.
  • Went through some EXCEL reports from my PA students – verified and approved their activities.

Day 330 Task – Mock Viva for My First PhD Student

Today we had a Mock Viva session for my first PhD student, Nur Nazlina Saimon which was conducted at our house. The venue was decided because students are not allowed to enter UTM yet unless he or she has official written permission from UTM student affairs, which will take quite some time to be obtained. Hence, we decided just to launched the Mock Viva at home, directly using Webex for her to present. The lecturers and students are used to online class and presentation but for Nazlina, she is not used to this because she’s a Phd student who do not require any online meeting or class, and I have only been contacting her for the passed months using whatsapp and email, if not a face to face meeting.

The session was very fruitful and a very long one. Nazlina is a very good and dedicated student. Imagine starting the session at 11am and it ended at 3.30pm. Many fundamental and basic questions were thrown by PM Dr. Mazura Jusoh, whom is co-supervisor #1. All her questions were really challenging yet important. I hope Nazlina will improved the slides and be better equipped for the second mock presentation next week, before heading to the Viva on the 2nd of December 2020. InsyaAllah. Amin.

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Day 255 Task – Evaluator for IBD Industrial PhD Proposal

This is the first time I became an examiner or evaluator for PhD proposal for Institute Biotechnology Development (IBD). The PhD candidate, I have known before because I was one of his Master (MKKL) examiner too. The First stage was conducted online via Webex platform. I was the examiner together with Dr. Kamarizan Kidam. Prof Ani Idris was the Chairperson. The Supervisors were PM Dr. Wijaya and Dr. Harisun.

The session went well and I believed the comment given by us has given a clearer direction and strength for Tee’s Phd study. All the best!

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Day 161 Task – PhD Viva Trial Session

Y Brs. Prof./ Prof. Madya / Dr. / Saudara,

Seperti yang sedia maklum, viva pelajar  Lai Yee Qing akan diadakan secara atas talian pada 10/06/2020 jam 9.30 pagi.  Bagi melancarkan perjalanan sesi VIVA tersebut,  Y Brs Prof./Prof. Madya / Dr. / Saudara yang terlibat adalah diminta untuk turut serta pada sesi ujian tersebut.

Untuk makluman, sesi ujian pautan video, suara dan penglihatan akan dilakukan pada maklumat berikut;

Tarikh        :  09/06/2020 (Selasa)

Masa          :  3.00 petang

Urutan Link adalah seperti berikut:

1) Webex

Webex Meeting Information
Meeting link:
Meeting number: 910 195 774
Password: p6J3idrGqm6
Host key: 774659
Admin notes: fe2

2) Google Meet

Google Meet Meeting Information
Meeting ID :

Mohon kerjasama Y Brs Prof./Prof. Madya / Dr. / Saudara untuk turut serta dan  Pegawai IT bertugas adalah Encik Jaya bin Abdul Hussain (013-799 0356).

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Day 35 Task – PhD VIVA Session of Shafiqah, a Student that I Co-supervised

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Day 32 Task – Checking & Reading My PhD Student’s Thesis

After returning back from the 3 day engineering education workshop, I rest a bit and then continue my work to check and read my PhD Student’s thesis, Nazlina’s. Not only read and check but also proof read the work too as well. It’s going to be a mountain of task for this coming few days.

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PhD Mock Viva Session for Shafiqah

Despite attending the engineering education Workshop Part 3, I attended the PhD mock viva for Shafiqah, a student that I co-supervised (She is supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mazura Jusoh). The event took place at 2.15pm till 5pm. The session was very fruitful and hopefully she can rapidly improve her slides and presentation for next week’s VIVA session.

My PSM Students for 2014

Since I could not secure any postgraduate students yet for 2014, I have decided to take more PSM students.

In total, I am in charge of 9 PSM students. This looks quite a lot, but I am trying my best to manage them.

7 of them are working on research related to biodiesel whereas another 2 are working on thermodynamic modelling.



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Finally, my PhD battle is over

This is the chronological story…

After roughly 4 years, I successfully completed defending my doctorate study. Alhamdulillah. Praise be only to Allah. It has been such a challenging and tough experience, discipline demanding which at finally end up with a happy ending. Thanks to everybody who have been supporting and helping me.

I wished I can immediately update and announce this wonderful news to the world (I mean my blog). Unfortunately I was quite hectic with work. I guess now, that I am already an active lecturer, I lost the luxury of time and freedom. I am now subjected and answerable to several bosses and superiors. They can give me task, assignments and anything, you name it – I must do it.

My PhD journey was not as fast as I have expected. I targeted to complete my PhD within 3 years. However, many things happen. It took me 4 years and 4 months. Below, I would like to share my PhD timeline.