Day 340 Task – Progress Report Check for My Research Students

Today, on this lovely Saturday, I took the time to check on the progress of some of my PSM, Master and PhD research students. I checked and commented the progress of Abdelrahim Minalla (PhD Engineering Education Research), Raihan Aulia Zaky (Master Mixed Mode), Arif Hut (PSM) and Nasyitah (ex-PSM and hopefully soon to be a PhD student that I Co-supervised). That took quite some time too.

At night, I had a Webex meeting with Arif Hut to discuss his progress and direction on his Palm Oil Sustainability and Carbon Footprint project. After having the night meeting, I realized that even though the meeting was awesome and fruitful, I should not held the meeting on a Saturday night. That is a time I need to spend with my family. I believe maybe my student also may have activities with his family or friends, but has to commit for the meeting. Another aspect for me to improve.

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