Day 340 Task – Progress Report Check for My Research Students

Today, on this lovely Saturday, I took the time to check on the progress of some of my PSM, Master and PhD research students. I checked and commented the progress of Abdelrahim Minalla (PhD Engineering Education Research), Raihan Aulia Zaky (Master Mixed Mode), Arif Hut (PSM) and Nasyitah (ex-PSM and hopefully soon to be a PhD student that I Co-supervised). That took quite some time too.

At night, I had a Webex meeting with Arif Hut to discuss his progress and direction on his Palm Oil Sustainability and Carbon Footprint project. After having the night meeting, I realized that even though the meeting was awesome and fruitful, I should not held the meeting on a Saturday night. That is a time I need to spend with my family. I believe maybe my student also may have activities with his family or friends, but has to commit for the meeting. Another aspect for me to improve.

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Day 259b Task – Meeting my PSM and New PhD Student

Today is another super hectic day for me. From the early morning till after the office hours, I am fully occupied with numerous activities. But the one that I want to highlight today is my meeting with my new PhD student. He will be doing an experimental research about sago pith waste as a catalyst to produce biodiesel.

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Day 180 Task – Helping My ex-Student for PhD Recommendation

Once in a while your present or ex-student will come to you and ask some help to recommend them to pursue Master or PhD program other universities in the world.

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Day 148 Task – Miscellaneous Official Tasks

Since I have taken a relatively larger break from work, I need to catch up with numerous pending tasks. Here are the list of tasks to be completed today:

  1. Checking my EER PhD student research proposal.
  2. Checking my 3 undergraduate research student proposal drafts.
  3. Managing AJEE (as usual).
  4. Updating this website.
  5. Submitting a a review manuscript for Energy Conversion and Management Journal (ECM), hopefully it can be fully submitted today or 50% submitted.
  6. Submitting CEE official news to UTM newsfeed.
  7. Checking RCEE paper draft.

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Day 32 Task – Checking & Reading My PhD Student’s Thesis

After returning back from the 3 day engineering education workshop, I rest a bit and then continue my work to check and read my PhD Student’s thesis, Nazlina’s. Not only read and check but also proof read the work too as well. It’s going to be a mountain of task for this coming few days.

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