2021 Day 229 Task – Core RCEE2021 Program Meeting

RCEE2021 is almost just around the corner. The theme program has already been decided 3 or 4 months ago but the detail title of the whole program remain undecided yet. I have prepared a draft of title for the program with a little help from some of the committee members. This morning we finally discussed and decided the whole Keynote, Plenary, Special Session and others and I felt relief.

I know I need to learn, grasp and comprehend engineering education as fast as possible after becoming the Director. I am doing my best to learn. It does require time and process to be up there. I appreciate and still need the mentorship of the previous Director and also the support of all fellows and colleagues.

The Big guru, as one of my ex-student said, Richard Felder, who co-authored Elementary of Chemical Processes, a highly referred chemical engineering text book, started his venture into Engineering Education and STEM in his 40s. Now, in his 80s, he is still devoting his time and expertise to solidify engineering education to its best. He’s the top person in the business. Everyone in the industry knows, referred and respected him.

In Syaa Allah, I’ll do my best to learn and relearn.

2021 Day 193 Task – Final Exam Refinery and Petrochemical Technology

Today is the final examination day for this subject – Refinery and Petrochemical Technology, that I taught. This is the first time we had to do an online final examination and also a new format for me.
New format means we release Q1, Q2, Q3 and so on in specific times. It began with the release of Q1 and student will answer the question. After 30 minutes, student will have to submit the answer to e-learning. Then Question 2 will be released via e-Learning again, then student will take 40 minutes to answer, then upload it to e-learning.

I found it cool as well as I can immediately mark Q1 while students were answering Q2. As a result I can swiftly start marking the papers via eLearning.

2021 Day 179 Task – Miscellaneous Research Activities Matter

I have no special heavy weight activity that can be highlighted as of today because all of them are normal small scale activities. Among them are checking my PSM and Master students progress / updates, checking and preparation for Materials Today Proceeding journal and others. I was looking as well at some of CEE and RCEE2021 activities and planning too.

2021 Day 145 Task – 25th IEOM Global Engineering Education Meeting

Today is an official off day… The bad news is I have a 3 hours class today that cannot be done. The good news is I have time to do quite a number of work today. Nevertheless, there are endless work on my side and what I really need to do is prioritize which one to do first. Basically it is having a clear strategy of executing all my tasks.

This morning Dr. Syed Helmi has set up a meeting with important people from some Indonesian Universities to discuss about Global Engineering Education at the 25th IEOM Global Engineering Education.

Other highlighted tasks for the day:

  • RCEE2021 Extended abstract preparation.
  • Follow up on my PA Student.
  • Submitted 3 manuscripts presented in ReCase2020 (UMP) to Materials Today Proceeding.