2021 Day 227 Task – Reviewing Two MATPR Manuscripts

I received two manuscript from MATPR Editor to be reviewed. The topic was fine and within my expertise and knowledge. Luckily the manuscript were not that long. Alhamdulillah I managed to squeezed in my time and execute the reviewing process.

2021 Day 179 Task – Miscellaneous Research Activities Matter

I have no special heavy weight activity that can be highlighted as of today because all of them are normal small scale activities. Among them are checking my PSM and Master students progress / updates, checking and preparation for Materials Today Proceeding journal and others. I was looking as well at some of CEE and RCEE2021 activities and planning too.

2021 Day 148 Task – Corrected Materials Today Proceeding Submission

Today’s main mission is to continue completing half of the pending tasks from yesterday. My main productive task yesterday was only attending the Consortium meeting. Other tasks were touched but were not completed. Today, as I wrote this, I am glad that I have successfully completed correcting the Materials Today Proceeding Correction (3 papers), completed preparing and submitting final exam papers/documentation for Refinery and Petrochemical Tech, completed divided the task for RCEE2021 extended abstract submission for ITE-ISP-ICP team and also checked Abdelrahim’s abstract for submission to RCEE2021.