2022 Day 302 – 10th Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE2022)

After the opening ceremony of RCEE2022

VIVA MKKK program that took place very early today

Alhamdulillah, the 10th Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE2022) was successfully completed and organized by Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) and Universitas Diponogoro (UNDIP) today. This is the first time RCEE was organized outside of Malaysia and organized by academic institution that is not the UTM Centre for Engineering Education (UTM CEE). 

I managed to deliver a welcome speech before the program started. At the same time, my team submitted 5 papers to be presented in RCEE2022. It was a great event and we hope that engineering education can grow and prosper in Indonesia, our very own region. 

More info has been published at my FB post here

Since RCEE2022 was organized in 1 whole day, most of my attention was focused on this conference.

Other of my highlighted activities:

  • Evaluated MKKK Chemical Engineering as panel at 8.15am @ N01 Viva Room 1
  • Submitted Radis Claim form for consumable purchased – Tan’s vials and rack.
  • Evaluated 2 projects for INDES competition organized by UiTM (after Isya). Amazing projects presented by UiTM researchers and I learned something new. 


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