2022 Day 302 – 10th Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE2022)

After the opening ceremony of RCEE2022

VIVA MKKK program that took place very early today

Alhamdulillah, the 10th Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE2022) was successfully completed and organized by Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) and Universitas Diponogoro (UNDIP) today. This is the first time RCEE was organized outside of Malaysia and organized by academic institution that is not the UTM Centre for Engineering Education (UTM CEE). 

I managed to deliver a welcome speech before the program started. At the same time, my team submitted 5 papers to be presented in RCEE2022. It was a great event and we hope that engineering education can grow and prosper in Indonesia, our very own region. 

More info has been published at my FB post here

Since RCEE2022 was organized in 1 whole day, most of my attention was focused on this conference.

Other of my highlighted activities:

  • Evaluated MKKK Chemical Engineering as panel at 8.15am @ N01 Viva Room 1
  • Submitted Radis Claim form for consumable purchased – Tan’s vials and rack.
  • Evaluated 2 projects for INDES competition organized by UiTM (after Isya). Amazing projects presented by UiTM researchers and I learned something new. 


2022 Day 301 – Attended Industrial Seminar & Profession Forum

The early part of today was normal. Early in the morning, I prepared for ITE class that will take place from 11am to 1pm. We covered about CPBL, did the mosquito case and Perform PR PI for the new released problem. I hope the students are comfortable and fine working on the new PR PI that is about micro plastic.

Later after lunch time, I make it a point to attend the industrial seminar and profession (ISP) forum at DK5 N11a. Three engineers were invited to be panel for the forum which is about engineering overview and touching a bit on engineering ethics. My friend, Mr. Amru was invited as one of the panel. I managed to get a sit at the very far top end in the hall. The talk was interesting and I learned a lot as well. I realized too that many students were not focusing on the forum, some played games in their mobile phone and some did other assignment. But I believe those who sat in the front focused on the panel.

Some of the details are shared in the FB post here.

Some highlighted tasks:

  • Purchased new gas sampling bag – Restek brand. 10 bags in a pack. 70% Downpayment.
  • Read MKKK Dissertation for Viva tomorrow.
  • Alert my team who are involved as presenters in RCEE2022 tomorrow. 


AIP Conference Proceeding for RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 Successfully Published

Alhamdulillah, after a long wait, the proceeding for Regional Conference on Engineering Education 2020 (RCEE2020) and Research in Higher Education 2020 (RHeD2020) has successfully been published 2 days ago (26th October 2022). There are 51 papers in the theme of engineering education and STEM that were published in this Scopus Indexed Conference Proceeding.

Personally for me, I have 3 papers published in this conference proceeding as co-author, as shown below. Alhamdulillah. The links are:




RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 was organized by Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) UTM and Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM) and conducted virtually. InsyaAllah RCEE2022 will be conducted by UNDIP and UNS in Indonesia with UTM CEE as main partner.


Day 224 Task – RCEE Progress Meeting

RCEE is around the corner which will be held on the 29-30 th September 2020. Starting from this meeting, this week, we will have the RCEE meeting each Tuesday at 3pm to ensure everything will be ok. Originally I was assigned to lead a specific program, which I forgot now. Now, I assisting other department such as the Program Department and others to help on design the parallel session.

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Day 151 Task – Preparation of RCEE Manuscript

It was quite late that I started to compile and work on this RCEE manuscript which is supposed to be submitted tomorrow (31/5/2020). It’s a great team work of authors from the Introduction to Engineering (ITE) lecturers of School of Chemical & Energy Engineering (SKT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

However, the manuscript is not yet completed but almost done. InsyaAllah it will be completed and checked by other authors within the next 1 or 2 days.

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Day 128 Task – CEE Meeting

Today is a Wesak day and a public holiday. But, we still have this CEE meeting because for other times, it is difficult to gather the center members. There were several agendas. Among the agendas are update on RCEE, CEE activities, AJEE, CEE new building office and so on.

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Day 33 Task – RCEE Committee Meeting

Today, after checking and improving slide for TRGS presentation tomorrow, and also after checking chapter 3, 6 and 1 of Nazlina’s PhD thesis, I joined the RCEE conference meeting at CEE, T02. Today we discussed progress of the conference preparation as well as finally discusing about Summer School program which I need to head. 

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Day 8 Task: Regional Conference in Engineering Education (RCEE) & Research in Higher Education (RHEd) 2020 Committee Meeeting

Today (2pm – 5pm), we had important committee meeting for RCEE 2020 which was chaired by Associate Prof Dr. Fatin (since Prof. Khairiyah was away in China to deliver a training). We have basically 7 more months before the event really takes place. Hence massive preparation and action must be taken.

Besides that, earlier I had a meeting with my PSM students, had a meeting about Organization of Prohibition of Chemical Weapons planning.

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8th Regional Conference in Engineering Education 2020 (RCEE 2020)


8th Regional Conference in Engineering Education 2020 (RCEE 2020) & Research in Higher Education (RHEd) in conjunction with 6th International Innovative Practices in Higher Education Expo (I-PHEX 2020)

Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia (15 – 16 July 2020)

Come and join our caring community aimed at nurturing future ready educators! Be inspired to soar in this multi-disciplinary field and make the change that the world needs.

Interested authors are encouraged to submit unpublished contributions in all aspects of engineering education and research in higher education, including but not limited to the following areas:

· STEM Education
· Global Engineers
· Educational technology, software and tools
· Student-centered teaching and learning
· Professional skills development
· Rigorous research in engineering education
· Outcome-based education and accreditation
· Assessment and evaluation
· University-industry collaboration
· Service learning
· Faculty & Professional Development
· Hands-on and industrial training
· Education for Sustainable Development
· Women in engineering
· Diversity in engineering education
· Entrepreneurship
· Ethics and Humanity in Engineering
· Other related areas

Proceeding will be submitted to IEEE Xplore for publication.

For more information, visit http://tree.utm.my/rcee-2020/.

Regional Conference in Engineering Education (RCEE) & Research in Higher Education (RHeD) 2020

If you are an engineering educator and would like to share your scholarly contribution and improvement that you have made in your engineering teachings, this is a spectacular platform for you!

Just prepare an extended abstract (2 pages only) and submit before 10 February 2020.