2021 Day 214 Task – Designing and Supporting Team-Based Learning using Cooperative Learning

Today I’m involved in WORKSHOP ON 21ST CENTURY LEARNING FOR ENGAGING MILLENNIALS, PART 2, as one of the facilitator and stretch guy. This training is organized by UTMLead where the trainers are Prof. Dr. Khairiyah Mohd Yusof and AP Dr. Syed Ahmad Helmi.

Other Highlighted Tasks for today

  • Prepared a report for not performing FYP student and submitted it to the Head of Program.
  • Prepared a report for not performing PA students.

2021 Day 206 Task – Workshop on Effective Implementation of Student-Centred Learning

2021 Day 60 Tasks – Student Advisory Performance Presentation to Head of Program

Image snipped during the RAE SCL Training
At the end of the Training for the 2nd day with part of the participants

Today, we are scheduled to do the presentation of our own Student Advisory Performance (Penasihat Akademik (PA)) to our Head of Department. My PA students now are in the 3rd year and there are numerous patterns of result. I realized that I need to follow up and check on several of my students that have dropped their points.

Other miscellaneous selected tasks of the day to be shared here:

2021 Day 59 Tasks – 21st Century Learning for Engaging Millennials, Part 1: Effective Implementation of Active Learning

Today, we started another online training which is the continuity from the 1st RAE Training for Indonesian Lecturer. This will be a 3-days workshop that will help clarify the lecturers about Active Learning (AL). Apart from the Indonesian lecturers, there are 4 lecturers from SCEE UTM who participated as well.