2022 Day 78 Task – Preparation for MKKL Process Operation, Control and Troubleshooting Course

It’s a bright warm Saturday today. The new fresh semester will commence tomorrow. Today, I’m focusing on the class preparation for a new course that I will be teaching titled Process Operation, Control and Troubleshooting, MKKL1133. I’m so excited to be teaching this course as I can relate to my previous experience working in a processing plant as a process engineer more than 15 years ago. It will be a combination of theoretical and practical perspective of the subject matter. My class will take place every Sunday from 9am to 12pm. Wish me luck!

Other tasks of the day:

  • Checked and commented on my EER PhD student proposal.
  • CEE project planning – SPC22 and others.
  • AJEE tasks
  • Entrepreneurship Challenge to my Kids kick started.
  • JCLPRO abstract checking.
  • Register Abstract for ICLCA2022
  • Purchase HSC Chemistry