Website WordPress Training for UTM Staff

I was invited to deliver a training about Web People @ UTM to UTM Staff. It was a great privilege and opportunity for me. I was very delighted. The training is actually about website WordPress training.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to fully prepare the slide for this training earlier. Luckily I decided the training to be an interactive 2-way communication between me and the lovely participants, with me preparing just a simple Powerpoint presentation. In this website WordPress training, my focus was to expose the participants to SEO.  

My target for this training was to ensure that the participants learn something that they can apply and also they published one post that is SEO optimized. The participants were very excited and fired up. I can see it in their eyes. They immediately put it into practice by writing and publishing their own post. Thanks to the information obtained from the website WordPress training.

Here are some of the posts published by the participants:

  1. Website WordPress Training Result #1 – by Nabilah from PSZ
  2. Website WordPress Training Result #2 – by Izzam from PPMU
  3. Website WordPress Training Result #3 – by Suhailah from IFE
  4. Website WordPress Training Result #4 – by HoneyDean from UTM Digital