2021 Day 196 Task – Complete Marking Refinery & Petrochemical Tech Course and Updated it in AIMS

Today is a Friday and an off day. I am grateful because I felt fine and healthy despite of the Pfizer injection that I obtained yesterday afternoon. Hence, I woke up early to complete checking the markings, analyze it and update all the marks in AIMS system. I then released the marks for students to view it so that if there is anything that they want to ask or check, then I can help re-check the marks.

After doing that, I checked the status of all ICLCA Chemical Engineering Transaction (CET) papers that my students have submitted. Then I communicated and discussed with relevant students, guide them on how to make improvements based on reviewers comment. I did communicated with Mei Lian, Wan Ting, Farra and also Shams (for MATPR Biodiesel paper).

At night, I had a Mock Presentation session with Azri from Lotte, my PSM Space student. The session was smooth and I gave all important comments to improve Azri’s presentation slide. In Syaa Allah Azri will do fine.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Discussed with Hafiz, PSM Space student about his work. He is working from Offshore.
  • Watched Theory of Everything movie… (this is not my official activities, but I took a break watching a biography movie of Steven Hawking)

2021 Day 194 Task – Engagement with Vice Chancellor

This is fresh. New temporary concept since we were recently deeply emotionally involved in the soccer mania through the Copa de America and also Euro 2021 campaign.

2021 Day 136 Task – Drafted Contract Research Grant in Radis System

This is indeed a long pending task that I have to do since last December 2020. Unfortunately, I procrastinated on this tasks. Today I forced myself to work on this project. It is actually a contract research grant i was given from Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) and the short title of this research is “Identity of an Engineer”, which is non-techie, non-chemical engineering but important for capacity building of an engineer.

2021 Day 129 Task – Completing End of Grant Report

One of my Tier 2 Report granted by the University, more known as Grant Universiti Penyelidikan (GUP) has completed last year. It’s my responsibility to prepare an End Report for the grant. This grant basically supported the expenses to conduct my PhD research student, Nur Nazlina Saimon.

2021 Day 94 Tasks – TNCPI What’s Next Action Plan Workshop

I was invited to TNCPI What’s Next Action Plan Workshop since last month due to my capacity as CEE Director. This is the first face to face official event under TNCPI that I attended at Pulai Spring Resort. All directors from Institute, Hi-COE, COE and other PTJ attended the workshop. We were there to be briefed and later discussed on what’s the plan for the next 3 years on UTM future.

2021 Day 93 Tasks – Final Piece, Completion and Submission of Teaching Award Documentation

It was a really lengthy and detail preparation to complete the Citra Karisma 2020 Teaching Award Documentation. I slept at 4am in the morning to complete it. I went to Taman University book shop to bind my Teaching Portfolio. In overall, I am more satisfied with my submission this time, compared to the previous 2 years. I submitted the official form that was signed by Dr. Hajar Alias (Head of Chemical Engineering Department), Shams Shazid Kader (my student) and Prof. Dr. Mohd Ghazali Nawawi (Chair of SCEE).

I submitted the documents at UTMLead at 2pm, accompanied by Dr. Azizul Azri, who is serving in UTMLead. Alhamdulillah, it was pure relieve submitting the documents. Now I will leave it to Allah. I’ve done the best that I could.

2021 Day 87 Tasks – TORCH Program Meeting

To identify champions in teaching among UTM academic staff

To develop community of practices in teaching

To develop talent pool for champions in teaching

Day 341 Task – Checking & Updating My NewRadis Account

I am fortunate that I was awarded with several research grants this year and last year. To run the projects, I have appointed my student under the GRA and SRA scheme in NewRadis roughly 1 month ago. Unfortunately, the appointment require some amendment but I receive no email to notify me about this. I only realized this when I login my NewRadis account.

Although I felt like blaming the system why no email was sent to inform me about this, I am blaming myself as well because why I am not aggressive in following up on the matter. From now on, I need to regularly login to my NewRadis account on a weekly basis, perhaps every Monday, to check on any Returned Application or Pending Application. InsyaAllah, by being more aggressive, I won’t waste time.

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Day 335 Task – Green Screen It Is

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If yesterday I evaluated NALI2020 by assessing some of the innovative research in education highlighted, today I am assessing PERTANDINGAN MATLAMAT PEMBANGUNAN MAMPAN ISKANDAR PUTERI 2020, which is co-organized between UTM, JPNJ and IRDA. I am honored to be invited as jury for this time. It is not my first time as I was one of the jury for last year’s program. But this year, the methodology is very different and we all just have to adapt to the new norm.

Besides this jurying process, I also has successfully submitted a review manuscript to one Renewable Energy journal. It was such a monumental task and if this submission is approved, I can say it is one of the top of my achievement and my student’s achievement for this year. InsyaAllah. Please pray for us.

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