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DPhil (Materials.) (Oxford), MSc (Gas Eng)(Salford), B.Chem.Eng. (Hons.)(Leeds)

Lecturer, Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering (FCEE) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 07 55 36370 Fax (6) 07 55 81 463 Email: zalilah@petroleum.utm.my or zalilah@utm.my

zsharer is a lecturer of Gas Engineering and a researcher at Gas Technology Centre (GASTEG). zsharer received a BEng in Chemical Engineering from University of Leeds, MSc Gas Engineering and Management from University of Salford and PhD in Materials from University of Oxford.

zsharer started off her career in 1998 in one of the top household product manufacturing company as a Production Chemist. zsharer was stationed in a Research and Development Department where she developed her skills in research, management, coordinating and ISO quality documentation. zsharer was responsible for new product launching in terms of product formulation and packaging quality. zsharer was also involved in securing accreditation for ISO 9001 for the company which she was responsible for quality assurance for laboratory practice, product formulation and packaging specification. In year 2000, the company built a new Gas Sulphonation Plant in which she was involved in plant design and assuring quality of the end product. After three years working in the industry zsharer changed her working environment by applying for a post in a higher education institute.

zsharer was accepted as a Tutor in Gas Engineering Department, Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering, UTM Skudai, Johor in year 2001 before went to the UK to further her Master degree in Gas Engineering and Management. zsharer choose to do a research in Pipeline Failure as her Master dissertation and passed successfully before resumed her tenure as a lecture in Gas Engineering Department, FKKKSA in 2003. She is attached as a staff and researcher at Gas Technology Centre (GASTEG) which specializes to provide training, accredited courses, seminar and education to related gas industry personnel. zsharer was involved in two projects initiated by Gas Malaysia Berhad regarding on Pipeline Failure Project. These projects had triggered her interest to do a PhD study in the area of pipeline failure research.

In 2007, zsharer was accepted at the University of Oxford under Professor John Sykes supervision who is an expert in corrosion and chemical metallurgy. zsharer’s work involved in testing pipeline and tank external coating systems using electrochemical techniques such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and scanning Kelvin probe (SKP). zsharer’s work is able to identify whether paint resistance controls corrosion, or not. zsharer obtained her PhD in 2011 with specialization in coating and corrosion.


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