Using your degree : Chemical-Gas Engineering 1 (Nurulafiqah)

Siti Nurulafiqah Abd Rahman
SKG 2009-2013

Field Engineer

Location: Land rig in Sugarland, Texas

 February 2014

MI SWACO, a Schlumberger Company


What my company do?

The segment was named as Dynamic Pressure Management (DPM) which is one of the segment in Schlumberger Drilling Services in Malaysia that provides the most advances technologies and engineering expertise to help operators ensure wellbore stability and pressure control in overbalanced and underbalanced drilling applications in challenging downhole environments. Controlling pressure while drilling is crucial for operators facing narrow pressure margins, unstable borehole and uncertain pressures that can raise safety risks and increase non-productive time and cost. Thus, the segments assist in drilling exploration & development wells by Managed Pressure Drilling, Underbalanced and Overbalanced Drilling and Pressure Control.

What is my job responsibility?

As a field engineer, I am responsible for Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) operations in offshore. The scope of the job involves field installation of equipment, monitoring MPD control system and maintenance of MPD equipment. I also in charge of preparing packages to be sent to the rig for MPD jobs. Besides, I also spend time in the office to do engineering job aside from doing field job. I involved in meeting with clients (operating companies), doing Drilling Programs for the wells to be drilled and simulations for the wells. Currently, I am working on the simulation for the first Underbalance Drilling well in Malaysia and also some of Drilling Programs for MPD wells.

Message to 1st Year Chemical-Gas Engineeering Student

I wish all the juniors best of luck in studies and their future endeavors. Remember to study hard and scores as much as possible, because you never know how much its going to benefit you in the future. I hope everyone could starts to plan ahead and starts to dream big since the early stage, like I did!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”