Using your degree : Chemical-Gas Engineering 3 (Zulaikha)

Siti Zulaikha Hafizah Shokeri

SKG 2010/2014

Project Engineer at Globegas Engineering Sdn Bhd (GESB)

–Fully Design, Supply, Install, Test & Commissioning of LPG and NG Reticulation Pipe works which consist of expose piping, concealed piping and underground piping. Pipe works reticulation / infra line piping from storage or service station to any premises

–Most of engineers and even the owner of GESB graduated from UTM in Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical – Gas)


–Planning, design, programming and maintenance of internal or underground piping for construction site.

–To lead the troubleshooting, shutdown piping system and commissioning, response and recovery as per  escalation chart, process flow and timeline during system interruption.

–To establish and implement effective  corrective and preventive measurement to avoid reoccurrence.

–Formulate, implement, review and improve preventive and predictive maintenance programs for piping systems in charge so as to ensure that the systems function as intended at all times.

–To establish, plan and execute system related improvement program.(Gas detector system related with fire alarm system)

–To manage sub-contractor for the compliance of scope of work in accordance to purchasing or service contracts.

–To establish, plan and control budget and expense.

–To support facilities related improvement project (control system design/modification, breakdown cost estimation, instrument selection, testing and commissioning, external parties liaison)

–To overview housekeeping and security program at site.

–Ensure drawings, data and other appropriate documentations are being generated and properly filed for submission towards Suruhanjaya Tenaga and JKKP.

–Provide guidance and training on the systems in charge to fellow colleagues so as ensure adequate working knowledge and system backup

–To establish, plan and execute effective team competency development and skill training.


–Hope that you may grab all opportunities that faculty done to you especially in term of team working. This may become a valuable experience that you never learn in books.

–Please ensure your 1st year result as the highest pointer that you gain in this course.

–Good luck in your degree, never give up, may allah bless our journey. Insya allah.

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