Conference Proceedings

  1.  Z. Sharer Sahir, J.M. Sykes, Potential Pulse Measurements as an Alternative Way to Identify Controlling Mechanisms for Corrosion, 15th Middle East Corrosion Conference, Bahrain February 2014
  2. Z. Sharer Sahir, J.M. Sykes, Effect of Temperature on the Impedance Response of Coated Metals, AETOC 2013, Geneva, Switzerland, April 2013
  3. Z. Sharer Sahir, J.M.Sykes, Insight into Protection Mechanisms of Organic Coatings on Mild Steel, AETOC 2011, Mons, Belgium, April 2011
  4. Z. Sharer Sahir, J.M.Sykes, Investigation of Protective Mechanisms of Organic Coating using Electrochemical Techniques, 50th Corrosion Symposium Science, Southampton, UK, September 2010
  5. Z. Sharer Sahir, J.M.Sykes, Effect of Temperature on the Impedance Behaviour of Coated Metals in 3% Sodium Chloride Solution, EUROCORR 2010,Moscow Russia, September 2010
  6. Z. Sharer Sahir, J.M.Sykes, Exposure Tests on Marine Coating at Elevated Temperature, NACE Corrosion 2010, San Antonio Texas, USA, March 2010