Corrosion Basics: Protecting Fixed Structures in Seawater

By Pierre R. Roberge on 6/4/2018 3:39 PM Structures such as offshore drilling platforms supported by steel piles may be protected with either sacrificial galvanic anode systems or impressed current systems. Structures such as steel bulkheads, … [Continue reading]

Double graphene sandwich provides protection against corrosion … [Continue reading]

Using Sacrificial Anodes in Reinforced Concrete Structures

By Kathy Riggs Larsen on 6/4/2018 3:35 PM Reinforced concrete structures, such as bridges, can be exposed to aggressive chloride environments and often show evidence of corrosion after short service periods. Numerous reinforced concrete … [Continue reading]

5 Kesalahan Yang Tidak Wajar Dilakukan Oleh Pelajar Sewaktu Memohon LI

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New insights into molecular-level processes could help prevent corrosion and improve catalytic conversion

May 28, 2018, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory An international research team peered deep into the atomic-level workings of water vapor on a nickel-chromium alloy to provide new insights that could help prevent metal corrosion. … [Continue reading]

The 4 Words Every Hiring Manager Wants to Hear, According to a Headhunter That 4 words is ‘I want this job’. As simple as that? Job seeker can refer to the long articles if they want to know more. … [Continue reading]

Tiada Istilah Terlambat Untuk Bermula

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Construction Concerns: Corrosion

  05/09/2018 Article and photos by Greg Havel Corrosion of a metal can be defined as its degrading from a reaction with its environment. This degradation can cause weakening of the metal by reducing its cross … [Continue reading]

Corrosion Prevention Using Real-Time Data in Oil Fields

By Tata L.N. Murthy on 5/1/2018 3:04 PM The corrosivity of free water in oil lines can be tested by following a side stream technique. Modern high-resolution corrosion monitors, including electrical resistance probes, are available. … [Continue reading]

New Aluminum Batteries are Corrosion Resistant, Cheap and Hold a Lot of Renewable Energy

To contact the author of this article, email In energy production, energy transition is dependent on technologies that boast cheap and temporary storage of renewable energy. Researchers have found that aluminum … [Continue reading]