COVID-19: Unleashed your creativity_Part 5 (Convert your audio Powerpoint notes into a video)

I was desperate.  Indeed.  Having meetings, workshops and whatsnot using Webex several times, I know what are the glitches that can happen in the middle of the meeting IF you have low internet bandwith.  Well, the internet connection in my area belong to that category.  I need to find other alternatives.

How can I upgrade my notes?  This is the question that I ask myself repeatedly.  Even though I use Prezi, but after several failing attempts of video recording of one single note, I need to take a break.  I need to leave the problem aside for a while before finding another solution.  This is what we call as “Incubation” in psychology (problem solving).  Incubation period is important because it allows me as a problem solver to digest information and have more time to find information that needed to solve a problem.

While in incubation period, I cannot let myself idle.   I watch Youtube videos or Microsoft video to get more information and tips on generating Powerpoint notes to a video (this is a kind of short-cut in problem solving using Algorithm – step by step solution).  Even though I can follow the step by step instructions on Youtube and Microsoft, but I still prefer to have a written instruction with pictures.  Basically, the step by step is similar with Microsoft website support office.

Before you generate your powerpoint video notes, make sure that you already prerecorded your voice (narration) in the slides presentation.  Only then you can generate this video.  If not, your note will not have any audio narration.

  1. Go to File > Choose Export > Click Create a video.

  2. There are four (4) options on the quality of the video:

    • Ultra HD (4K) – Largest file size and ultra-high quality (3840 x 2160).
    • Full HD (1080p) – Large file size and full high quality (1920 x 1080) (I select this.   Majority of Youtubers suggest this)
    • HD (720p) – Medium file size and moderate quality (1280 x 720).
    • Standard (480p) – Smallest file size and lowest quality (852 x 480).
  1. There are two (2) options that you can choose, either
    • Option 1: Use Recorded Timings and Narrations
      • If you select this option, your previous recorded timings, narrations, animations or laser pointing gestures will be included in your video
    • OR
    • Option 2: Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narrations
      • If you select this option, your previous recorded timings, narrations, animations or laser pointing gestures will not be included in your video
  2. In the Seconds spent on each slide box, select the default time you want to spend on each slide that do not have any voice recording/timing.  

4.Select Create Video.

5. Enter a file name and then browse to the location you want to save your video

6. In the Save As type box, select if you want to save the video as a MPEG-4 Video or Windows Media Video.

Tip: The MPEG-4 Video format is recommended for the best compatibility with video players.

7. Select Save.

8.  Please be patient.  The video will be generated in few minutes depending on the content of the slides (it could take more than few minutes too). Check the progress bar from time to time at the bottom of the window to see when it is complete.  Don’t close your file before it is completed.  


Note: I still have not find the best solution to create a video using Prezi.

How far can we trust technology? Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Stay sane while working from home.

Since 12 April 2020, as UTM staff we have to declare our whereabouts on daily basis using this UTM smart app.  It is smart, indeed.

So, where am I?  I am still staying at my home.  In specific, inside my late mom’s room which I have converted as my little office as I have to work from home now.

What can be a possible explanation for this?  It was raining when I slide in for my movement record.  So, there is only one possible explanation that I can think of at the moment.

Note: About the different location between the 12 and 11 April records, well, I slide in outside of my home while playing with my sis’s kitten (at her home) on 12 April and on 11 April, I slide in inside my home while waiting for Isya’ prayer.  1km difference huh?  Indeed.  The distance between my home with my sis’s home is less than 1km.  So, can we trust GPS in this case?


COVID-19: Testing my patience

On the first week of my Educational Psychology class, we discuss about characteristics of expert teachers. One of the characteristics is knowledge of learners. Having a chance of face to face class/interaction for 5-6 weeks with the students, I admit that I don’t have enough time to get to know them well.
During MCO, we are left with no choice than non-face to face interaction. It is not easy with a large class that I have. Yup. 60 students per class and I have two classes for this course. All together, I have 120 students. Even though I drop a message to say Hi almost everyday, but I notice that not all students would reply my message.
It is already Week 13. Yay!!!! So, it is quite understandable that some students have started to panic and it is normal for some of them to ask questions about the assignments (with deadlines around the corner. To be exact, Week 14). I have extended the deadlines to 30 May 2020 because the final exam period will start from 31 May 2020.
Even though I did a survey before we resumed our class in early April, some students did not inform me that they have such problems such as not having a laptop. But since there are few others who have informed me about their predicament, I just make generalisation that there might be some others who have the same problems but choose to keep silent.
But, I am quite persistent in “bugging” them to let me know if they have any problem. Bugging here does not mean that I am stalking them rather I want to know how they are coping with the challenges that they have to face at home especially the technical stuff like internet connection, laptop and such.
Do I care about my students learning? Well, on one part, I don’t care that much. But, actions speak louder than words, right? ?

COVID-19: Unleashed your creativity_Part 4 (Powerpoint Audio note)

How to double check if you have successfully recorded your voice?

On the task bar, you will see the icon From Beginning (Click that) if you record from the beginning.  Please make sure you ON your speaker to listen to the recorded audio notes.

Note: I am also a newbie in this.  So, hopefully it is helpful for your presentation.

COVID-19: Unleashed your creativity_Part 3 (Powerpoint Audio note)

With limited internet connectivity, I could not add video on my Prezi note (yup, Prezi has video feature and I am still struggling to create a video using Prezi).  I am still trying out the new features on Prezi.

So in the meantime, I use different approach.  I added my voice on Powerpoint notes.  Old-timer method to others but for me, this is kind of new.

How to audio record your Powerpoint presentation slides?  For beginners

  1. Open your Powerpoint file which contains the slides of a particular topic
  2. On the task bar, choose Slide Show and Click at Record Slide Show (if you want to start recording without rehearsing)
  3. There are two options that you can choose from.
    1. If you choose Record from the current slide, the audio recording will only start at that particular slide
  4. If you choose Record from the beginning, the audio recording will start at the first slide
  5. If you are not sure about how it will turn out, you can rehearse first. At the task bar, choose Rehearse Timings (Click that)
  6. If you want to save the rehearsal version, you can do so. To stop the recording and end the session, Click X button and the following box will appear.  Choose Yes if you want to save the file.   But for the Rehearsal Timings, it does not record your voice though.  It just shows how long you spend time explaining information in one slide.
  7. If you are confident with yourself and do not need to rehearse (or if you have enough rehearsing), Click Record Slide Show and the following box will appear.
    1. You can select and set either to want to retain animation timing or narration, ink and laser pointer. And you can start recording.
  8. On the left side top corner of your computer/device, you may see a box that shows you are recording. You can forward, pause, undo or stop (Click button X).
  9. As you are recording, you can move your slide to the next one by clicking PgUp or PgDn or -> or <- like you normally do when you are moving your slides.
  10. If you want to save the recorded audio notes, you can do so. By clicking X button and it will be automatically saving your audio recording.  Click Save (Disk icon) to double check.

How to double check if the audio recording is ok or successful?  Click HERE


COVID-19: Unleashed your creativity_Part 2 (Future teachers)

Before the MCO, I never thought of giving an assignment that requires students to create a video because I was afraid that they need to learn video editing (which I don’t know how myself).  Video editing is a skill that I don’t have (yet) and I don’t teach.

But knowing how tech savvy the kids are nowadays, I decided to give two options of reporting: written (normal version + presentation using PPT slides with audio/voice note) or non-written (video) for this semester course that I teach SPPP/SHPP1012 Educational Psychology.  I just let their creativity unleashed and let them have fun while completing the assignment. (But how do I evaluate/mark their assignment as there are two options that I give to them?  HERE is how I do it)

Students nowadays are different from my generation.  They are more tech savvy and video editing is not an alien thing to them.  Indeed.

Wow.  What can I say!  I am impressed.  These are some of their works:

  1. Pelaziman klasikal by Muhamad Asyraf Bin Yahya
  2. Operant conditioning by Mohamad Fahmi Bin Abu Bakar, Muhamad Ibrahim Bin Johari, Mohd Zuhairie Bin Mohd Aidil and Mohamad Ridhwan Bin Othman
  3. Pelaziman operan by Muhammad Ikhwan Bin Abdullah
  4. Operant conditioning by Mohamad Farhan Bin Mohd Tap
  5. Operant conditioning by Nur Syamimi Binti Ahmad
  6. Self-regulation by Afifuddin Mahyudin
  7. Learning (behaviorism) by Kimberly Elsie Peter, Sharmila a/p Gobi, Kirooshini Navarathnaraja and Hannah Ruth a/p Ramesh
  8. Learning (behaviorism) by Arisha Balqis Binti Abdul Razak
  9. Social learning theory by Nur Aliya binti Amran
  10. Teori pembelajaran sosial by Nurul Nadiah Fadlil Alamin
  11. Operant conditioning by Fatin Maisarah Mohd Ariff
  12.  Teori pelaziman klasikal by Nurzahira Bt Rapani
  13. Teori pelaziman operan by Noorfarah Aimi Bt Habali
  14. Operant conditioning by Nur Aqila Farhana Bt Ismail
  15. Teori pelaziman klasikal by Wan Nursyahmi Idriss B Wan Nura
  16. Teori pembelajaran sosial by Nurulaian Nawwarah Bt Arif
  17. Teori pembelajaran sosial by Zanariah Bt Md Resad
  18. Teori perkembangan Vygotsky by Mohamad Zulsyauqi Bin Basarudin
  19. Operant conditioning by Ahmad Azmirul Hisyam B Ahmad Azam
  20. Teori pelaziman klasikal by Muhammad Nur Hamizan Bin Mohd Zaidin
  21. Teori pembelajaran behavioris by Nurul Ain Binti Zulkifli
  22. Teori pembelajaran behavioris by Muhamad Azfar Haiqal B Jamian
  23. Teori pelaziman operan by Aisyah Bt Yakop
  24. Teori pembelajaran sosial (Bandura) by Ahmad Nabil B Wan Ahmad
  25. Teori pembelajaran sosial by Siti Saidatul Asma Bt Zulkafli
  26. Learning (behaviorism) by Raihan Nadia Bt Roslan
  27. Operant conditioning by Ahmad Farhan B Shai Puddin
  28. Pembelajaran sosial by Nor Shuhada Bt Mohamad Sharapi
  29. Classical conditioning by Zainul Ariffin B Kamarul Azli
  30. Learning (behaviorism) by Nur Umi Rasyidah Bt Mohd Nor
  31. Learning (behaviorism) by Nurul Nazira Bt Mat Juri
  32. Teori pelaziman operan by Muhamad Sahirin B Abdul Sharif
  33. Teori pelaziman operan by Muhammad Zulfikri B Zul Edwar
  34. Teori pelaziman klasikal by Nurul Nasyita Binti Ahmad Fuad
  35. Teori pembelajaran behaviorisme by Amirah Afiqah Bt A Rashid
  36. Teori pelaziman operan by Nurfatinnajwa binti Rusli
  37. Teori pelaziman operan by Sulaiman B Hapit
  38. Operant conditioning by Aeron Tan Kwok Hou
  39. Operant conditioning by Muhammad Amin B Abdul Razak
  40. Teori pelaziman operan by Mohd Haizal Hariz B Jamhuri
  41. Teori pelaziman operan by Muhamad Faez B Mohmed Zi
  42. Operant conditioning by Qalida Aima binti Muhammed Khiruddin
  43. Teori pelaziman operan by Mohammad Syafiq Bin Roslani
  44. Operant conditioning by Afiq Hamizi B Jetan
  45. Pelaziman klasikal by Amir Ikhwan Bin Mohd Elham
  46. Teori pelaziman operan by Muhammad Hakimi Bin Mohd Fazil
  47. Teori pelaziman operan by Farizalmi Bin Juhari

Note to the haters: Come on, guys!  I know there are better videos according to your standard, but give my students a break ok!  They have done their best.  These are the future Malaysian teachers!  I am proud of them!  I think I need to learn video editing and whatsnot.  I feel old and outdated.

When Telekom cable was stolen_Third incident

This time around, the cable was stolen two days after it was fixed.  Cursing the perpetrators won’t do any good.  They cannot hear it.  It is Ramadan.  I should restrain myself from cursing.

I managed to download some assignments that need to be graded, so I know that I am good with no internet.  But one of the students just submitted her assignment draft and I feel I need to return it ASAP because she is bugging me to have a look at it.  This is just a typical reaction of students who like to do things the very last minute but expect that I return back their work ASAP.

So, since I can look at the draft but just cannot write my comments on the Words file, I used voice note on Whatspp instead.  Yeah.  No typing.  But with an ulcer on my tongue, I might sound as if I am having speech impediment though.  Well, as long as I can give my comments and feedback on time, nothing else matters.

When Telekom cable was stolen_Second incident

I had few deadlines that I need to meet.  First, a PhD student proposal on 28 April.  I had this weird urging feeling that I need to complete the proposal evaluation as soon as possible.  So, I focused on evaluating proposal and RS1 drafts for a few days and on 27 April, I decided to submit the evaluation report and return the RS1 drafts with my comments to my students.

Guess what?  The Telekom cable was stolen again on 29 April (Wednesday).  Alhamdulillah.  I finished my work on time.  Good job, Dijah! (Give myself a pat on the back)

Moral of the story: Don’t postpone your work.  Do it as soon as possible because works might start to pilling up and things might become out of control.

COVID-19: Unleashed your creativity_Part 1

The Malaysian government imposes Movement Control Order (MCO) starting from 18 March 2020.  A historical event.  Indeed.  I was in the middle of semester, week 6 to be exact and I was unprepared to face the challenges that might come with the MCO.   First thing first, I should remain calm.  But how wrong I was?!  I could not help from not feeling worried and panicky at the same time.  What would happen to my students?  How should I guide them with limited internet access (on my part and some of my students)?   What should I do when I could not reach my students?

I started to think about plans.  Plan A, B, C, D or more if needed.  But I need to make plans which would benefit my students, not me per se.  My primary concern of learning in this case is about them, not so much about me (of course, on my part the learning curve might be different from them and its importance is at different category and concern).

These are some of the things in my To-Do list:

  1. Survey (ask students about their internet connectivity, well-being, preference and worries)
  2. Look at the responses from students
  3. Identify priorities
  4. Upgrade class notes
  5. Create quizzes that students can use to self-assess themselves
  6. Search articles (and link on eLearning)
  7. Modify existing formative assessment if needed
  8. ……..


When Telekom cable was stolen

When the cable was stolen the first time since MCO from 3 April (Friday), I was left with no internet connection for 6 days.  I was feeling hopeless because I could not do much since I could not go out to buy the mobile modem.  I can always use online.  But, how can I search and shop for the mobile modem when I could not use the internet?  The feeling is indescribable.  But I have to stay focused.

So, since I have lots of “uninterrupted” time, I focused on finishing my final exam questions, updating my class notes (converting some into audio notes) and others.  Once I finished doing all that, I asked my sister if she could bring me to her office so that I can upload my notes, reply emails and such.  I was desperate.  Indeed.

Off I went to my sister’s office on 3 April (1st time) to settle my work.  But I could not upload some of my notes on eLearning.   What should I do now?

But little that I imagine that the cable would be stolen again.  Yup.

Work from my sister’s office (6 May 2020, Wednesday) when the cable was stolen on the 3rd time
Work from my sister’s office (29 April 2020) when the cable was stolen on the 2nd time