Grammar oh grammar_Part 2

One of the things that I find it difficult to teach is preposition (grammar).  Why?  In Malay, the word “di” could be used to refer to location/place in generic form.  But in English, “at” can be used to refer to a location/place and time.  “At” is used when you are referring to a location/place which is in a smaller scale as compared to a place like where you stay.  “At” is also can be used to refer to time which is specific (hours).  

For “in” (which is not included in the diagram), it can be used to refer to generic place and more specific place.  A more specific place like room, kitchen, store, veranda, toilet, classroom, office.  For example, “See me in my office”, “Where is your mom?.  She is in the kitchen” 

I found this on this website 

When I teach them preposition for place, I made some adjustment.  I made my own handout.  There are other examples of prepositions for time, and movement.  


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I am who I am and what I am cannot be defined by what I have/posses or have done. Therefore, I am me.