My second tuition class after Latihan Ikhtisas

I had the 2nd tuition class today with them.  The first one was two weeks ago.  Only three of them submitted the homework.  The other two did not but I noticed that Raiz did his (the best his could) but Aiman, he only wrote less than five sentences (what should I do with him?).  These kids need lots of TLC apparently.  

I bought 2 tins of biscuits yesterday.  Guess what?  Yup.  It is nearly finished.  A small portion left for the teachers 😀   Opsiee….  Well, to be honest, I never thought the form 3 would also had their tuition class today with Ida.  So, I offered some to the form 3 students as well.  

The boys requested that we did a rationale cloze exercise today.  Well, well, well, this is the first time they asked to do an extra work.  Normally, they are not this willing.  They also asked for a homework.  They requested to do a Directed Writing composition.  What should I do to retain this desirable behavior?  

Before the break, we did a quick revision on the literature part.  Aalia did continuous writing with her class (Advanced class).  Ita did Captain Nobody’s discussion as well on themes.  

For rationale cloze, one of the trickiest parts is to use preposition accurately.  Rationale cloze is easily known as “fill-in-the-blank” thingy.  Students would either have to fill in the blank (by choosing the most appropriate word) with words either a verb, preposition, noun, adverb or adjective.   For example, students would be given a short text with incomplete sentences.  You have to choose one word to make the sentence complete.  

It is not easy to select the accurate answer especially we are not native speakers.  Even I would be confused sometimes 😀  But, there are some principles that we can follow.  Knowing the principles of tenses, prepositions and whatsnot make things easier.  😀 (Easy said than done, huh?)   Well, it is all about practice.  

Everything was normal until 9pm.  Then all of a sudden, the night __16__ extremely quiet.  All we could hear __17__ the sound of flowing water.  A few of us noticed the sudden quietness and were bewildered __18__ it.  But my brother who has the most experience in the jungle, cautioned us to be quiet and __19__ still.  __20__, everyone was together at the campsite.

16        A         become            B            became            C            becomes          D         is becoming

 17        A         is                     B            are                   C         was                  D         were

 18        A         by                    B            at                     C         with                 D         about

 19        A         stays                B            stay             C         stayed              D         is staying

 20        A         Happily           B            Obviously       C            Surprisingly    D            Fortunately

Answers: 16. A,  17. C,  18.  A,  19.  B,  20.  D

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