My first tuition after Latihan Ikhtisas

When I did my Latihan Ikhtisas, I have to teach form 1 and form 4 poems.  Yup.  Poems that I never learned, taught or studied.  I struggled.  Indeed.  But, I learn certain technique how to teach poem.  So, when I asked Ita last Tuesday 18 June 2019 what she wanted to do over the weekend, she told me that she and Aalia planned to do a tuition class for the form 5 students.  I offered myself to teach the “exceptional” students.  So, there are 6 of them but Rahim was absent (he went back because his father was hospitalised). 

Ita and Aalia planned to cover a poem and the themes part for the Captain Nobody novel.  I never taught form 5 last year so, I challenge myself to learn about the poem.  I have a quick crash course with Ita on Thursday afternoon (20 June 2019) to learn about the poem.  With a bit of confident, I started to construct a handout.  I looked at various questions that I could find from the reference book and whatsnot and I collected them all and made it into an activity worksheet that I later shared with Ita and Aalia. 

So, here is the poem that I have to teach the “exceptional” ones last Friday (21 June 2019).   I haven’t thinking about what I would do on the second class.  

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