Part 1 – MyDigital EDUCATOR@MOHE program: What???

Since UTM will subscribe the basic Google with 30GB storage, I need to clean up my email inbox, Google Drive etc. Accidentally, I deleted an email from MOHE. I only realize this after asking another colleague and she asked me if I was accidentally deleted the email while cleaning up my inbox. Opss….. I might did that unintentionally. Don’t ask what I was thinking at that time! I might be in a panicky mode with lots of deadlines end of May and thus, that thing happened. Later, I received an email on 2 June 2022 in which I was given a password to get access to the webpage. When I looked at the modules, it made me realize what a deep ……. (fill in the blank) I was in.

After watching a recorded video (which I missed) on 30 May 2022, I started to explore the webpage. I experienced my first technical glitch. I contacted the person-in-charge who is so patient to guide me to solve the technical problem. I could not solve the problem which made him gave me few more solutions. Both of us were nearly gave up. It was 12 noon so I told him that I would try again after zuhur. Alhamdulillah. Things were ok after zuhur. Miracle?

So, I spent few hours to start looking at the materials in 8 modules (7 modules plus 1 module – introduction). The seven modules are:

  1. How to personalize your course?
  2. Engaging participants in online learning
  3. Developing digital content
  4. Developing digital content: Part 1
  5. Developing digital content: Part 2
  6. ID in digital content development
  7. Implementing and evaluating of digital content

When I go through the materials closely, I identify some materials are similar with certain courses that I have attended before. Well, it is by the same instructors so it is understandable. But the irony is, even though I have attended the similar courses before, it feels like as if it is the first time I am seeing it. It does resonate with the fact that I am still struggling to understand certain concepts. Repeated exposures do not change much of my understanding. It is my fault. I should spend more time to practice but I realize that it is time consuming to learn many things within shorter time. But it is a challenge that I have to face.

Other than the materials, I need to prepare 9 materials (digital content, digital activity and digital assessment) for 3 topics. My first thought is “Which course that I will choose to create those materials?” I need to use that materials in front of another 2 or 3 colleagues. Sigh…. I feel cringed already. I am still learning and thus my materials are not perfect. It is not something that I will proudly share with others. I have to complete this assignment by the end of July. July will be the busiest month because of final examination and whatsnot. Sigh

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