Part 3 – MyDigital EDUCATOR@MOHE program: Rubric!

One of the things that our mentor reminds is always refer to the given rubrics. There are three rubrics. One of the rubric is to evaluate our assessments that we assign in our module. So, as I scrutinized the rubric, I was shocked. One of the criteria is “Apply relevant rubric to measure learner’s knowledge and achievement”. My initial thought was “If I use MCQ and True/False questions, the answer scheme is straight forward so I do not need to prepare any rubric. So, what does this criteria mean?” As I looked at the descriptors of the performance levels, I notice the highest mark is given for “Use, modify, integrate and validate the rubric to measure”. What rubric that I have to create now?

So, I asked my mentor. He is very prompt in assisting me. In the end, after a quick discussion through WhatsApp, I understand that I have to create an open-ended question assignment with its rubric. So, out of three assessments, one has to be open-ended question. Then I remember that my mentor showed an example from his module in which he uses an activity worksheet. That gives me an idea about doing a similar thing: An activity worksheet in which the instruction given demands students to answer several questions.

I search existing worksheets that I have but in the end I need to craft it from scratch. So, I look at some examples of rubrics (my own collection) and from there I modify to suit with the new activity worksheet. There. Do I fit into the descriptor for the highest mark? Well, I do it the best I could so I will leave it to the rest. It is up to the evaluator to assess the materials. I just hope that whatever I do will make sense to others and if this module is offered, it might benefit anyone who uses it.

Part 1 – MyDigital EDUCATOR@MOHE program: What???

Since UTM will subscribe the basic Google with 30GB storage, I need to clean up my email inbox, Google Drive etc. Accidentally, I deleted an email from MOHE. I only realize this after asking another colleague and she asked me if I was accidentally deleted the email while cleaning up my inbox. Opss….. I might did that unintentionally. Don’t ask what I was thinking at that time! I might be in a panicky mode with lots of deadlines end of May and thus, that thing happened. Later, I received an email on 2 June 2022 in which I was given a password to get access to the webpage. When I looked at the modules, it made me realize what a deep ……. (fill in the blank) I was in.

After watching a recorded video (which I missed) on 30 May 2022, I started to explore the webpage. I experienced my first technical glitch. I contacted the person-in-charge who is so patient to guide me to solve the technical problem. I could not solve the problem which made him gave me few more solutions. Both of us were nearly gave up. It was 12 noon so I told him that I would try again after zuhur. Alhamdulillah. Things were ok after zuhur. Miracle?

So, I spent few hours to start looking at the materials in 8 modules (7 modules plus 1 module – introduction). The seven modules are:

  1. How to personalize your course?
  2. Engaging participants in online learning
  3. Developing digital content
  4. Developing digital content: Part 1
  5. Developing digital content: Part 2
  6. ID in digital content development
  7. Implementing and evaluating of digital content

When I go through the materials closely, I identify some materials are similar with certain courses that I have attended before. Well, it is by the same instructors so it is understandable. But the irony is, even though I have attended the similar courses before, it feels like as if it is the first time I am seeing it. It does resonate with the fact that I am still struggling to understand certain concepts. Repeated exposures do not change much of my understanding. It is my fault. I should spend more time to practice but I realize that it is time consuming to learn many things within shorter time. But it is a challenge that I have to face.

Other than the materials, I need to prepare 9 materials (digital content, digital activity and digital assessment) for 3 topics. My first thought is “Which course that I will choose to create those materials?” I need to use that materials in front of another 2 or 3 colleagues. Sigh…. I feel cringed already. I am still learning and thus my materials are not perfect. It is not something that I will proudly share with others. I have to complete this assignment by the end of July. July will be the busiest month because of final examination and whatsnot. Sigh