Part 3_Star rating for ICESYS: What you should know?

Before you apply for the star rating, you need to register your project first.  After the registration was approved, only then you can apply for star rating application.  To register the project, there are certain things that you need to prepare (in writing).   What I did is, I type the description in words or notepad and I just copy paste it in the system.  It is easier this way as the system cannot idle long.

You need to write description for 

a) an executive summary (300 words)

b) problem statement (300 words)

c) background (300 words)


Other than that, you need to select and fill in information on the relevant boxes such as duration, location, SDGs, objectives, milestones, output and such.

In addition, you need to upload certain documents as attachment such as report, survey (observation, questionnaire and analysis), proposal, flowchart, letter of appointment, collaboration letter, milestone and paper work.  

In my case, I also uploaded participant attendance, report, survey results and letter (if you use Google Form, just download the report and save as PDF).  

You can recycle the same documents for your star rating application.  

Once you have filled in the boxes with * and uploaded the relevant evidence, you have to submit this registration application first, before you can apply for star rating. 

Tips:  Please make sure that your registration is completed and approved a few days before the final deadline for star rating application.  For “last minute people”, make sure your project is approved before you complete the star rating application.  You can do it within an hour (or so) if you have all the necessary information and documents at hand.  


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