Part 7 – MyDigital EDUCATOR@MOHE program: How important mentoring sessions are to scaffold one’s learning?

Learning, according to Lev Vygotsky, is a process that requires social support from persons such as parents, friends, and teachers. However, the social support does not end there; it can also come from the larger society, community, etc. In this way, social supports enable an individual to acquire knowledge and skills with the assistance, direction, and backing of a more knowledgeable and informed individual. This is the meaning of scaffolding. According to Vygotsky’s theory, when persons who are learning something new have the necessary support, they have a greater chance of comprehending and mastering the knowledge or skills they acquire independently in the future.

Even though I feel overwhelmed by the programme requirements for MyDigitalEducator, I remind myself to tackle things one at a time. Having a mentor who closely monitors our progress is beneficial, despite the fact that some may feel overwhelmed by it. Several members of our group have opted to withdraw from the programme owing to unforeseen events and causes.

This program is demanding in a way that we have to ensure the materials that we develop is not just good enough, but perfect (or almost perfect) to be showcased to others. This is not easy. “Janji buat, janji siap” adage is not applicable in this sense. Being me, I know well better that rather than doing something just for the sake of doing (Janji buat), I would rather not wasting myself to do it on a first place. So, once I have decided to do something, I will commit to it until its completion.

Some colleagues say “Ala, janji siap sudahlah”. I no longer feel annoyed hearing that from them, but if my students ever say that, they will know (or later find out) what I will do.

I am blessed to have a mentor who is willing to sacrifice long hours and even weekends to have mentoring sessions with us. May Allay grant him the best rewards for his efforts.

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