Second hand-sewn pouch

I was fasting today.  Alhamdulillah.  I edited a paper to be submitted in a journal.  But after a while, I started to feel dizzy.  This happened around noon (11ish am).  My blood pressure is low.  So, I find myself having dizzy spell once a while especially if I am fasting and don’t take proper sahur.  I had a glass of water and a piece of biscuit only this morning.  That was my sahur.   So, that explained my I had the dizzy spell today.

I had a quick nap after zuhur because the headache was getting worst.   I thought I would only sleep for a while but little that I knew, I slept for nearly an hour.  After Asar’ prayer, I felt a bit refresh.  I was thinking what should I do while waiting for maghrib.  I looked at some left-over cloth from my late mom’s baju kurung.  I cut it into 4 pieces.   This time around, I tried different method of attaching the two pieces of cloth together with the zipper.  The finishing is better than the first version, my first attempt.

These are some of my on-a-go stationery that I need.  A pencil, pens (black and red), marker pens (black and blue), personal stamps (I have one official stamp, one is for marking assignment, one is with my name and a stamp pad).  There.  9 items.  I can put all of these items in this small pouch using Marie Kondo’s style.  

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