What to write in your TESDCP teaching portfolio?

There are four aspects that you need to write.  

  1. Goals of student learning,
  2. Philosophy,
  3. Beliefs and practices of assessment and
  4. Self-reflection of teaching development over time.

Some tips:

  1. Write from your heart (either in English or Malay) in Words doc file first (the system is linked to UTMPORTAL, so if you leave it for a while, you will lose all of the things that you have written if you don’t save it)
  2. Highlight NALI (use certain terms commonly related to NALI)
  3. Don’t worry too much about grammar (this is not an SPM essay though.  But, please do proofread your writing because it might reflect your language proficiency as an academician teaching at university).
  4. If you have written somewhere that reflect your belief in either one of the aspects, you can link the URL too (there is a column under each heading of the four aspects).   For example, I link a post that I wrote here in my TESDCP about my belief in assessment.  

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