Day 263 Task – Preparing RCEE2020 Paper Presentation Video & CEE Video

The weekend break is supposed to be theoretically a rest day. But for many of the CEE fellow members, it is a day for “work marathon”. There are tonnes of work to be accomplished and we always have to deliver it. Imagine last week, on a beautiful Friday, I was also working. At the time this post was written, I have successfully completed preparing the video for paper presentation RCEE2020. but I am yet to complete other pending tasks, and the lists can be read below (i didn’t list down everything yet):

  • Read Chapter 7 of my phd student
  • Improve paper ICLCA2020 for CET publication
  • Prepare 2 minute CEE introductory video
  • Prepare End Report GUP grant
  • Submit the long pending review paper to a journal
  • Check the oil tank specifications
  • … and much more… I don’t want to release everything here… Some of it, let me keep it to myself.

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