Day 288 Task – Virtual Meeting| IEEE TALE 2022

Today, beside continuing the 2nd Day of Part 3 OBE workshop with UNS, I would like to highlight the Virtual Meeting to discuss IEEE Tale 2022 project. I’m totally new to this and am not sure what to expect. Tale is if I am not mistaken a very grand conference on Engineering Education platform. I have just involved in RCEE2020 2 weeks ago and the planning and execution was really massive and exhausting. If we are to host Tale 2020, I hope we will have a better plan and better team, better support, better infra. InsyaAllah.

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Day 265 Task – RCEE2020 Preparation Meeting

Since RCEE2020 is around the corner, we started to feel the tense and adrenaline. It is time to check up again all the checklist, the flow, the technical preparation etc. Today is also the due date for the submission of consortium grant, hence the Director was busy preparing for the mega grant. I was asked to chair the meeting and ensure everything will be smooth and fine. It was initially challenging because I am not the best person who knew the overall of the conference, but someone must handle that and I was assigned. Alhamdulillah the cooperation from all committees were brilliant and amazing.

Lets hope and pray that we’ll successfully run RCEE2020 superbly.

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Day 263 Task – Preparing RCEE2020 Paper Presentation Video & CEE Video

The weekend break is supposed to be theoretically a rest day. But for many of the CEE fellow members, it is a day for “work marathon”. There are tonnes of work to be accomplished and we always have to deliver it. Imagine last week, on a beautiful Friday, I was also working. At the time this post was written, I have successfully completed preparing the video for paper presentation RCEE2020. but I am yet to complete other pending tasks, and the lists can be read below (i didn’t list down everything yet):

  • Read Chapter 7 of my phd student
  • Improve paper ICLCA2020 for CET publication
  • Prepare 2 minute CEE introductory video
  • Prepare End Report GUP grant
  • Submit the long pending review paper to a journal
  • Check the oil tank specifications
  • … and much more… I don’t want to release everything here… Some of it, let me keep it to myself.

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Day 216 Task – Continuation of the ICLCA2020 and ICOST2020 Paper Improvement

I haven’t yet fully completed the correction and improvement of the paper that need to be submitted to ICLCA2020 and ICoST2020 as shared before here and here. Because of that, I need to focus on completing at least 2 manuscripts today.  Not only that I have 2 for ICLCA2020 and 1 manuscript for ICoST2020, I also have 1 manuscript each for RCEE2020 and ICCME2020 that need to be corrected and prepared, respectively.

I hope today will be a productive day in terms of completing most of the papers. InsyaAllah

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Day 190 Task – Reviewed Multiple Manuscripts for Conferences and Journals

Since I have received a lot of invitation to review manuscripts from various conferences and journals, and to not all of those get pending and accumulated, I decided to do all reviews that I have up till today once and for all. And because of that I first half of the day, just to for reviewing all manuscripts invitations.

At the end of the day, I managed to review the following:

  1. BCREC Journal – 1 manuscript
  2. Fuel Journal – 1 manuscript
  3. ICOST2020 Conference – 1 manuscript
  4. RCEE2020 Conference -3 manuscript (I’m a PC member)


Day 151 Task – Preparation of RCEE Manuscript

It was quite late that I started to compile and work on this RCEE manuscript which is supposed to be submitted tomorrow (31/5/2020). It’s a great team work of authors from the Introduction to Engineering (ITE) lecturers of School of Chemical & Energy Engineering (SKT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

However, the manuscript is not yet completed but almost done. InsyaAllah it will be completed and checked by other authors within the next 1 or 2 days.

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Day 98 Task – RCEE Meeting Again :)

Previously before WFH, we had almost like weekly RCEE 2020 meetings to really get discuss and decide what ever needed to be done for the international conference. However, this morning we had our first Webex RCEE2020 meeting. Numerous updates and decisions were made during this important meeting. Once of it is the decision to switch the conference from a normal one to a virtual conference version. This decision have to be made in view of the social distancing instruction by the government in view of the spread of corona virus.

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Day 63 Task – Reviewing Extended Abstract Submitted to RCEE

Today, in the early hours, I reviewed 5 extended abstracts submitted for RCEE2020. Alhamdulillah I managed to review all of the abstracts and provided critical comments for improvements. I am hoping to soon read the improved version of the extended abstract from the authors. InsyaAllah!

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