2021 Day 70 Tasks – Checking my MKKK Student Disertation

I have quite a few tasks in line and one of it is this Thermodynamic study that my student is working for. It was a real challenge to read, review this manuscript because of some reason that I do not prefer to reveal here. But, Alhamdulillah, I managed to read and comment professionally. I hope my student will learn and improve his / her work and will produce a magnificent thesis. By the way, his work has already been accepted to be presented in an international conference that will take place soon.

Mesyuarat Memorandum Persefahaman di Bangunan Cancelori UTM

Selesai satu tugas petang ni. Mesyuarat Memorandum Persefahaman di Bangunan Cancelori UTM. Berdua kami cuba bentang projek yang dipohon di hadapan para panel budiman. Semoga dipermudahkan projek kita ni. Amin.

This MOU is for our team and Entrade.

FB Link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157529998529973&id=601389972

Modern Biodiesel Production Technologies: New Biodiesel Processor

As a researcher who is into this bio-energy / biodiesel thingy, I cannot stop from noticing this. Check out the video below. Unlike companies which manufacture biodiesel production equipment (biodiesel processor) based on outdated, tank technologies, which have been used for over a century, this company uses the high-frequency magnetic impulse cavitation principle.