Day 243 Task – Deciding the Approach of the New Chicken Bone Catalyst Biodiesel Research

I have downloaded quite a number of manuscripts that investigated the application of chicken bones as catalyst. This is mainly because one of my undergraduate students, Sham Shazid is working on a new catalyst from chicken bone for the extraction of CaO as the core content to be used as heterogeneous catalyst for the biodiesel reaction of PFAD.

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New Paper Published for 2020 in CET – Development of Sulphonated Sago Pith Waste Catalyst for Esterification of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate to Methyl Ester

Alhamdulillah, this paper has been published in Chemical Engineering Transaction Journal (CET) 2020. This is the work performed by my Master Student, Zarifah Zailan. InsyaAllah she will submit her thesis somewhere in April 2020. Pray for her.

First Stage Proposal MKKK of my student


After the PDP briefing and before the TDRS presentation, I squeezed my time to be in the first stage session of my MKKK mixed mode student, Abdul Salam from Libya. We need to sit down together to improve the research project.

Modern Biodiesel Production Technologies: New Biodiesel Processor

As a researcher who is into this bio-energy / biodiesel thingy, I cannot stop from noticing this. Check out the video below. Unlike companies which manufacture biodiesel production equipment (biodiesel processor) based on outdated, tank technologies, which have been used for over a century, this company uses the high-frequency magnetic impulse cavitation principle.