2021 Day 37 Task – Checking Project Description of an EIA Project

This is going to be a long Saturday as they are just too many tasks to complete. Since the morning started to do:

  • Shared Mock PSM Presentation Webex video to my students
  • Check my PSM student correction slide.
  • Finalize writing and checking the Curriculum Program Review Report for MOU.
  • Check EIA Chapter 3 draft (continued since yesterday).
  • Prepare – check – read Dissertations and Proposals for MKKE Evaluation tomorrow.
  • Prepare Webex Link for PhD second assessment that I am the chairman tomorrow.
  • Resubmit conference fee claim form after being rejected by RMC on Thursday.
  • Final submission of Nazlina’s Chapter 5 to BCREC after being accepted. To submit final typesetting proof read, Graphical Abstract and Article Processing Cost (APC) payment.

First Stage Proposal MKKK of my student


After the PDP briefing and before the TDRS presentation, I squeezed my time to be in the first stage session of my MKKK mixed mode student, Abdul Salam from Libya. We need to sit down together to improve the research project.

Day 2 Task: PSM Mock Presentation

Today after lunch I met 2 of my PSM students, namely Adny and Nasyitah. The mission today was to view their  slide presentation content and also get them to practice.  I spent 1.5 hour with them from 2.30pm to 4pm. We had a great session together and I hope they can present well on this Sunday PSM Presentation 2.

Sorry No photo here – I forgot to snap one!


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Mesyuarat Memorandum Persefahaman di Bangunan Cancelori UTM

Selesai satu tugas petang ni. Mesyuarat Memorandum Persefahaman di Bangunan Cancelori UTM. Berdua kami cuba bentang projek yang dipohon di hadapan para panel budiman. Semoga dipermudahkan projek kita ni. Amin.

This MOU is for our team and Entrade.

FB Link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157529998529973&id=601389972