Day 157 Task – Final Preparation of Toyota Foundation Grant

Today will be the submission deadline for this grant. to our surprise section 4 and 6 have not been assigned to anybody and completed yet. Before this I had helped to prepare Section 1, 2, 3 of the research proposal. Section 1 is by working together with Dr. Aziatul Niza Sadikin. Because it was already so late, I helped out to prepare section 4 and 6, in the early morning of Friday and submitted it to our Toyota Empathy Google Drive storage.

Prof Khairiyah did the final checking and finally Dr. Effiyana submitted the research proposal to Japan. Alhamdulillah. One task done!

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Day 152 Task – Toyota Empathy Grant Meeting #3

Since the grant project proposal is so much just around the corner, we have no choice than to have this meeting to check and finalize on the scope and methodology of this subject. We just had a meeting 3 days ago and we met again today. Still we are working on the best approach, the best way for this project. Wish us the best of luck!

Details on the The Toyota Foundation grant information can be found here.

Program Title: Cultivating Empathy Through Learning from Our Neighbors: Practitioners’ Exchange on Common Issues in Asia

Program Objectives

The grant program focuses on deepening mutual understanding and knowledge-sharing among people on the ground in East and Southeast Asia who are finding solutions to shared issues. Through promoting direct interaction among key players, the grant program aims to survey and analyze situations in target countries, obtain new perspectives, and expand the potential of future generations.

With multinational teams comprised of participants from diverse backgrounds, projects can avoid conventional linear relationships, such as “supporter and supported” or “instructor and trainee,” and instead form cooperative and creative alliances that consider, act on, and construct solutions to shared issues. The grant program anticipates that these partnerships, which extend beyond such factors as nationality, age, and organizational affiliation, will produce significant social change through fostering a process of mutual learning.

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Day 149 Task – TOYOTA Empathy Grant Meeting #2

The Toyota Empathy grant submission date is just around the corner and our team is working hard to prepare this research grant. The budget is 10 million Yen for 2 years, which is quite a hefty amount for this kind of research. Our meeting kicked start as early as 9am and we discussed the approached,  research objectives, methodology and divided the tasks among us based on our expertise.  We shall meet up again in Webex this Sunday afternoon to share updates on our progress in the proposal preparation.

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